New Timetable 2014-15: South East Central Railway

South East Central Railway (SECR) is one of the unglamorous and not very widely spoken-of zones in the Indian Railways as its areas of control include the forested and badlands of central Madhya Pradesh and Orissa and all of Chhattisgarh. It does not run many passenger trains, no glamorous Rajdhani, Duronto, Shatabdi types, most of its traffic is purely freight, lots and lots of freight. Incidentally SECR is also the zone that earns the most revenue for the Indian Railways. Case closed.

Here are the new trains and changes for trains operated by SECR and changes in timings of trains passing through major SECR stations announced in the new 2014-15 timetable that will come into effect from September 01 2014.

New Trains Operated by SECR

68749/68750 Anuppur – Ambikapur – Anuppur MEMU 6 Days a Week (SECR)

Timetable and Days of Operation:

  • 68749 MEMU will leave from Anuppur Jn APR at 1030 6 days a week (except Sundays) to arrive at Ambikapur ABKP at 1510 the same day. Timings at Intermediate Stations: BJRI: 1130/1140.
  • 68750 MEMU will leave from Ambikapur ABKP at 1615 6 days a week (except Sundays) to arrive at Anuppur Jn APR at 2055 the same day. Timings at Intermediate Stations: BJRI: 1901/1911.

Date of Introduction, Stoppages and Composition will be notified later.

78821/78822 Gondia – Balaghat – Gondia DEMU Daily (SECR)

Timetable, Days of Operation and Stoppages:

  • 78821 DEMU will leave from Gondia G at 1145 every day, passing Nagradham at 1154, Pratap Bagh at 1158, Gatra Halt at 1202, Birsola at 1210, Khara at 1218, Hatta Road at 1225 and Kanhad Gaon at 1229 to arrive at Balaghat Jn BTC at 1315 the same day.
  • 78822 DEMU will leave from Balaghat Jn BTC at 1330 every day, passing Kanhad Gaon at 1340, Hatta Road at 1347, Khara at 1352, Bisola at 1402, Gatra Halt at 1409, Pratap Bagh at 1413 and Nagradham at 1417 to arrive at Gondia G at 1435 the same day.

Composition: 6 coach DEMU Rake.

Type: DEMU, Fare Class: Passenger, Distance: 41 km, Halts: 7, Time: 90 min/65 min, Avg Speed: 27 kph/37 kph

Already Running Since July 01 2014.

Trains Operated by SECR With Service Route Extensions

78803/78804 Gondia – Balaghat – Gondia DEMU Daily (SECR)

Extended 55 km to Katangi KGE from Balaghat BTC on all days of the week

  • 78803 DEMU will leave from Gondia G at 0835 everyday, leaves Balaghat Jn BTC at 0935 to reach Katangi KGE at 1055, all the same day.
  • 78804 DEMU will leave from Katangi KGE at 1110 everyday, leaves Balaghat Jn BTC at 1225 to reach Gondia G at 1330 all the same day.

Stoppages in the Extended Portion: Garra, Kaydi Halt, Waraseoni, Saongi, Kochewahi, Lakhanwara.

Already Running Since July 01 2014.

58803/58804 Chanda Fort – Gondia – Chanda Fort Passenger Daily (SECR)

Extended 12 km to Balharshah BPQ from Chanda Fort CAF on all days of the week

  • 58803 passenger leaves from Balharshah BPQ at 0545 everyday, CAF at 0630 to reach Gondia G at 1210.
  • 58804 passenger leaves from Gondia G at 1700 everyday, CAF at 2230 to reach Balharshah BPQ at 2300.

Stoppages in the Extended Portion: Gondwanavisapur

Starts Running on the Extended Portion from September 01 2014 onwards.

Changes in Timings of Originating Trains at Important SECR Stations

Train NoTrain NameStationDep TimeNew Dep TimeChange
18234Narmada ExpBilaspur09551000+5 min
68734Gevre Road MEMUBilaspur10201010-10 min
68738Raigarh MEMUBilaspur10501040-10 min
68727Raipur MEMUBilaspur18501840-10 min
58218Titlagarh PassRaipur02000230+30 min
58204Gevra Road PassRaipur18101820+10 min
58118Jharsuguda PassGondia05000505+5 min
58113Bilaspur PassJharsuguda01450150+5 min
58203Bilaspur PassGevra Road05400550+10 min
58209Bilaspur PassGevra Road11001115+15 min
18239Nagpur ExpressGevra Road17451755+10 min
51606Saugor PassChirmiri03000310+10 min
51754Reva PassengerChirmiri14451500+15 min
58111Tatanagar PassItwari06450635-10 min
58815Tirodi PassengerIwari13051310+5 min
68706Bilaspur MEMUDongargarh11301140+10 min
78813Tirodi PassTumsar Road09451035+50 min
78814Tumsar MEMUTirodi11401215+35 min

Information provided here is only indicative in nature and please always confirm all information with official sources before relying on them (Contact your nearest railway station or call 139 or visit the official website of Indian Railways). This website is not an official website of the Indian Railways but is run by a railway enthusiast. The official website of the railways is

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