History and Heritage

How Indian Railways fell behind the rest of the World

Dirty Train Coach Southern Railway

Southern Railway’s Salem – Erode section, part of the Jolarpettai – Coimbatore mainline is a relatively straight line resting on particularly solid terrain and is one of South India’s “highest speed” stretches. It was built by the British Great Southern ...

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Indian Railways History – The Greatest Projects

The general history of the Indian Railways after independence might seem mostly been bland, generally indifferent and unexciting thanks to the agonizingly slow progress IR has shown. But it was not so. The Indian Railways have undertook some really groundbreaking ...

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Indian Railways’ Post Independence History

The Indian Railways and the Republic of India were both born out of the merger and amalgamation of a number of very diverse, different and independent entities. While India was formed out of a union of hundreds of British presidencies, ...

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Indian Railways History – At Independence

Though railways had already existed in India for a Hundred years before Independence, the real history of the “Indian Railways” as a single entity starts with Indian independence from British rule in 1947. The railways of the British Raj were not one ...

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How (Prestigious) Trains Ran in British India

The Railways were a way of life during the days of the British Raj and the glorious history of the Indian Railways is handed down from there. Being sure that they would probably govern India forever, British-Indian Railway companies in ...

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Indian Railways Pre-Independence History

Those two hundred years the British ruled India were also the most important years in world history, the period when the world was discovered, industrialized and transformed, the British driving this transformation, effects of which are still seen everywhere in the ...

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