Routes and Timetables of New Tejas, Uday, Humsafar and Antyodaya Trains

Hon. Railway Minister Shri Suresh P Prabhu had announced four more new types of trains for the Indian Railways in the last railway budget, These trains were to be run under the brand names of Tejas Express, Uday Express, Humsafar Express and Antyodaya Express, with the first three being “premium class” of trains, all fully air-conditioned and with premium charges. The Antyodaya express trains will have only second class unreserved accommodation with no extra charges. And now, the first of the routes for these trains have been announced and they have been included in the new Indian Railways Timetable of 2016-17. These trains will hence be the new trains announced for the year 2016-17 because the practice of announcing new trains during the railway budget has been discontinued. Kerala is the only state that does not get even one among any of these premium train services. South Western Railway (SWR) is the only major zone not running any of these new trains.

Details of these trains are given below. Click on the bar with the train name and number to know the detailed timetable, days of operation and some information such as distance and time covered, the average speed of the train and so on, in addition to a short review of the train. Within this, click on the train number to know detailed timetable and other details about these new trains, and click on “Route and Stoppages” to view the route of the train on a map. Inauguration dates (when the trains will start running) for all these trains will be announced later. All timetables and stoppages given here are tentative and can change.

Tejas Express Trains

Tejas will an attempt at a truly “international” Indian train to match up to the benchmarks set by European rail operators. Tejas trains are day-time Intercity trains with fully air-conditioned accommodation only, just like the Shatabdi Express. But with the Tejas, IR intends to take the Shatabdi experience to the next level. First off, Tejas trains will feature their own, custom made and unique liveried LHB rakes whose biggest groundbreaking feature will be automatic doors! They will be faster than Shatabdis, certified to run at 160 kph max speed and guaranteed 130 kph runs on select routes (conditions apply) at average speeds exceeding 80 kph (Except on Konkan Railway).


Image courtesies: Financial Express, Mid-Day, Indian Express | Tweet these images

The interiors of the coaches will be designed by the NID based on themes of nature and on the lines of plush, European train interiors. Some of those new features of Tejas trains include:

  • Ergonomic reclining seats with lumbar support (Semi-Sleeper)
  • Onboard entertainment through individual seat-back LCD display screens
  • WiFi Internet
  • Local cuisine
  • Tea and Coffee vending machines, snack tables
  • Toilets with bio-vacuum closets, water indicators, sensorised taps etc.
  • GPS-based passenger information display systems
  • Electronic reservation chart displays
  • CCTV and advanced fire detection systems
  • Onboard catering is optional (you don’t have to mandatorily pay for food)

The biggest feature will be, however, automatic doors, the absence of which is the biggest shortcoming of Indian Railways when it comes to rebuilding its image. You can clearly see the doors flush with the frame and without a door handle. The doors swing outwards just like the middle doors of Volvo city buses.

Three Tejas trains have been announced, details of which are given below, two of which will be the fastest on their routes. Advertised as “the future of Intercity train travel in India” aimed at people who wouldn’t mind paying the extra buck for speed, comfort, and luxury, Tejas trains will be the flagships and pride of the Indian Railways fleet and unlike anything India has seen on rails until now.

22119/22120 Mumbai CST - Karmali - Mumbai CST Tejas Express (CR)

Will Start Running on May 22, 2017.

Type: Tejas | Fare: Shatabdi+20% | Distance: 552 km | Halts: 5 | Time: 8h 30m | Avg: 65 kph

Days of Service: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

  • 22119 Goa Tejas Express from Mumbai CST to Karmali KRMI Goa will run 5 days a week. Timetable: Departs CSTM: 0500, DR: 0510, TNA: 0535, PNVL: 0608, CHI: 0530, RN: 1020, KUDL: 1158, arrives KRMI: 1330.
  • 22120 Mumbai Tejas Express from Karmali KRMI Goa to Mumbai CST will run five days a week. Timetable: Departs KRMI: 1430, KUDL: 1530, RN: 1730, PNVL: 2135, TNA: 2219, DR: 2240, arrives CSTM: 2300.

Accommodation: 01 Executive AC Chair Car (First AC), 12 AC Chair Car, 02 EOGs (15 coaches)

Root and Stoppages Mumbai Dadar Central, Thane, Panvel, Ratnagiri, Kudal.

Tejas Fare (CST-KRMI): Executive (AC First Class): Rs.2540 without food and Rs.2940 with food | AC Chair Car: Rs.1850 with food and Rs. 1220 without food.

Of course, the most heavily traveled tourist route has to have another intercity train, and this will also be the first Tejas to be introduced. Due to restrictions on the Konkan Railway, it will run nowhere its promised speed of 200 kph but will run at the maximum allowed speed, which is the same as that of the venerable Jan Shatabdi. The Tejas will tie the Jan Shatabdi as the fastest train between Mumbai and Goa. It will also run just 15 min ahead of the Jan Shatabdi both ways, and the Jan Shatabdi will end up trailing the Tejas almost block-to-block the entire stretch, both ways. Click here for all trains from Mumbai to Goa.

22671/22672 Chennai Egmore - Madurai - Chennai Egmore Tejas Express (SR)

Introduction Date: Friday, March 01, 2019.

Type: Tejas | Fare: Shatabdi+20% | Distance: 493 km | Halts: 2 | Time: 6h30m | Avg Speed: 76 kph

  • 22671 Madurai Tejas Express will run from Chennai Egmore MS to Madurai MDU on all days except Tuesdays. Timetable: Departs MS: 0600, arrives MDU: 1230.
  • 22672 Chennai Tejas Express will run from Madurai MDU to Chennai Egmore MS on all days except Thursdays. Timetable: Departs MDU: 1500, arrives MS: 2130.

Accommodation: 01 Executive AC Chair Car (First AC), 7 Second AC Chair Car, 02 EOGs (10 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Tiruchchirappalli, Kodaikanal Road

Tejas Fare (MS-MDU): Executive (AC First Class): Rs.2135 | AC Chair Car: Rs.1140.

It was a surprise that SR was allotted a Tejas express but it was no surprise that the service went to Tamil Nadu. The swanky service will now run between Tamil Nadu's two biggest cities and will plug an important gap in the timetable: There is no return service for Vaigai express as of now. The Tejas will slide in smoothly into that gap to offer a morning service from Chennai to Madurai and an afternoon service from Madurai to Chennai. There is no such connectivity as of now. It will be the fastest train in Tamil Nadu as has emerged as the only state that can boast of operating all types of trains offered on the Indian Railways network. It starts running on March 01, 2019.

22425/22426 New Delhi – Chandigarh – New Delhi Tejas Express (NR)

Type: Tejas | Fare: Tejas | Distance: 240 km | Halts:| Time: 2h 55m | Avg: 82 kph

Days of Service: All days except Wednesdays.

  • 22425 CDG Tejas Express from New Delhi NDLS to Chandigarh CDG Timetable: Departs NDLS: 0930, arrives CDG: 1225.
  • 22426 NDLS Tejas Express from Chandigarh CDG to New Delhi NDLS Timetable: Departs CDG: 1435, arrives NDLS: 1730.

Accommodation: Executive AC Chair Car (First AC), AC Chair Car.

Route and Stoppages: None (non-stop).

Covering the 266 km between New Delhi and Chandigarh in just 2 hours and 55 minutes, taking a full half hour lesser than the Shatabdi at an average speed of an enormous 82 kph, the Tejas will not just be the fastest train between New Delhi and Chandigarh but one of the fastest in the country! THIS is what we need!

12585/12586 Lucknow - Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus - Lucknow Tejas Express (NR)

Type: Tejas | Fare: Tejas | Distance: 500 km | Halts: 1* | Time: 6h 15m | Avg: 81 kph

Days of Service: All days except Thursdays

  • 12585 ANVT Tejas Express from Lucknow Junction NER LJN to Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus ANVT Timetable: Departs LKO: 0650, CNB: 0810, arrives ANVT: 1300.
  • 12586 LKO Tejas Express from Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus ANVT to Lucknow Junction NER LJN Timetable: Departs ANVT: 1550, CNB: 2040, arrives LJN: 2205.

Accommodation: Executive AC Chair Car (First AC), AC Chair Car.

Route and Stoppages: Kanpur Central.

At 6 hours and 15 minutes, this will be the fastest train between Delhi and Lucknow and will also join the exclusive 80 kph+ club! Runs the reverse route to the Shatabdi and takes 15 minutes lesser, it departs one and a half hours after the Double Decker and catches up with it to Delhi and overtakes it to Lucknow, arriving an hour before it.

Uday Express Trains

Uday Express trains (Uday – Utkrisht Double-decker Air-conditioned Yatri _/\_ ) were announced as high-capacity overnight AC double decker trains to be run between routes seeing high passenger traffic volumes. There was a lot of uncertainty about what these trains would be since we already have AC double deckers running on some routes and these announced trains would run during the day as well as night. As per latest announcement, Uday trains will be something like the present double deckers though with much better seating featuring padded reclining seats, onboard vending machines serving hot and cold food and beverages and entertainment including WiFi on board. The fares will be lesser than present AC 3 tier fares. There won’t be any double decker sleepers as of now and these trains will have only seating though they will run at night also, probably to give direct competition to luxury bus services.

Three routes for Uday trains have been announced as of now, details of which are given below. The first Uday is expected to roll out in July 2017.

22665/22666 Coimbatore - Bangalore City - Coimbatore Uday Express (SR)

Type: Uday | Fare: TBA | Distance: 380 km | Halts: 6* | Time: 6h 55m | Avg: 54 kph

Days of Service: All days except Monday

  • 22665 SBC Uday Express from Coimbatore CBE to KSR Bengaluru City SBC Timetable: Departs CBE: 0545, TUP: 0630, ED: 0715, SA: 0815, arrives SBC: 1240.
  • 22666 CBE Uday Express from KSR Bengaluru City SBC to Coimbatore CBE Timetable: Departs SBC: 1415, SA: 1750, ED: 1855, TUP: 1940, arrives CBE: 2100.

Accommodation: TBA

Route and Stoppages: Tiruppur, Erode, Salem, Dharmapuri, Hosur, Bangalore Cantonment.

Coimbatore gets its long-standing demand of a dedicated train to Bangalore granted. To run via Dharmapuri and Hosur, this will be the only passenger train to run on that stretch in a three hours interval towards either side. The decision not to run it on a Monday is foolish because it will have heavy demand on Mondays both ways. Southern Railway either wants to pander to the bus lobby or people heading it are plain dumb. Will be the fastest train between Coimbatore and Bangalore.

One wonders how the railways always face a lack of space, track, slots, rakes and everything else to run trains to Kerala from Bangalore but miraculously seem to face no such shortages while starting trains to all other places, even on the same route! Everyone just hates Kerala, don't they?

22923/22924 Mumbai Bandra Terminus - Jamnagar - Mumbai Bandra Uday Express (WR)

Type: Uday | Fare: TBA | Distance: 813 km | Halts: 11* | Time: 14h 40m | Avg: 55 kph

  • 22923 JAM Uday Express from Mumbai Bandra Terminus BDTS to Jamnagar JAM Gujarat will run on all Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays. Timetable: Departs BDTS: 2355 (M, W, Sa), BVI: 0027 (Tu, Th, Su), ST: 0415, BRC: 0610, ADI: 0755, VG: 0924, SUNR: 1022, WKR: 1120, RJT: 1300, HAPA: 1410, arrives JAM: 1435 (Tu, Th, Su).
  • 22924 BDTS Uday Express from Jamnagar JAM Gujarat to Mumbai Bandra Terminus BDTS will run on all Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays. Timetable: Departs JAM: 2000 (Tu, Th, Su), HAPA: 2014, RJT: 2122, WKR: 2220, SUNR: 2329, VG: 0047 (W, F, M), ADI: 0215, ST: 0615, BVI: 0925, arrives BDTS: 1020 (W, F, M).

Accommodation: TBA

Route and Stoppages: Mumbai Borivali, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand, Nadiad, Ahmedabad, Viramangam, Surendranagar, Wankaner, Rajkot, Hapa.

Of course, any new train announced, no matter if it is a new passenger class or Bullet Train, has to have one example running between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Occupies the slot left empty by some weeklies on some days. But as an overnighter, this will surely be in heavy demand as the Mumbai - Gujarat route is the singularly most heavily traveled interstate train route in the country. Will hopefully take some load off the Saurashtra Expresses and Gujarat Mail.

22701/22702 Visakhapatnam - Vijayawada - Visakhapatnam Uday Express (SCR)

Type: Uday | Fare: TBA | Distance: 350 km | Halts: 6* | Time: 5h 30m | Avg: 63 kph

  • 22701 BZA Uday Express from Visakhapatnam VSKP to Vijayawada BZA Timetable: Departs VSKP: 0545, DVD: 0615, SLO: 0757, RJY: 0842, EE: 0954, arrives BZA: 1115.
  • 22702 VSKP Uday Express from Vijayawada BZA to Visakhapatnam VSKP Timetable: Departs BZA: 1730, EE: 1814, RJY: 1937, SLO: 2032, DVD: 2226, arrives VSKP: 2255.

Accommodation: TBA

Route and Stoppages: Duvvada, Ankapalle, Tuni, Samalkot, Rajahmundry, Eluru.

Another additional intercity express on one of the most heavily traveled routes in India. Will run ahead of the Simhadri and Janmabhoomi and will be one of the fastest on the route, taking an entire hour less than the overcrowded Janmabhoomi. Hopefully, this won't meet the fate of SCR's other two Double Deckers.

Humsafar Express Trains

Humsafar Express trains are high-speed long distance express trains with AC 3 tier accommodation only aimed at upper-middle-class people. No, they are not like Garib Rath trains because Garib Raths feature high capacity 3A coaches with 81 berths and side middle berths, while Humsafar trains will have the usual 3A LHB coaches. Humsafar Expresses will, however, have additional features like a posh LHB rake wrapped in a unique sky-blue vinyl wrap, GPS-based passenger information displays, coffee/tea/milk vending machines, bio-toilets throughout, more comfortable berths with curtains embossed with motifs and all, CCTV cameras, smoke detectors and optional meal service. And also, while Garib Raths have 30% less fare than normal trains, Humsafar expresses will have flexi-fares, where ticket prices will go up as seat availability decreases.

Humsafar trains seem to be aimed at lengthy routes between some major cities with the intent of covering important intermediate destinations as well. Their rakes are specially designed and wrapped in a sky-blue vinyl wrap but are not as posh as Tejas. Ten routes have been announced for Humsafar Expresses, mostly intended to replace Suvidha special trains on their routes with very aggressive schedules and seemingly high running speeds. Humsafar trains should’ve been introduced to cater to high-volume, 14-18 hour intercity journeys like Bangalore – Mumbai, Hyderabad – Bangalore, Chennai – Mumbai, Bangalore – Trivandrum, Hyderabad – Mumbai etc, which have people ready to pay, but instead will still be used to run epic cross-country routes from Sriganganagar to Tiruchchirappalli. Sad that IR still cannot get over this fixation of 63 hours cross-country train schedules.

12504/12503 Guwahati Kamakhya - Bangalore Cantonment - Kamakhya Humsafar Express (NFR)

Will start running on December 25, 2016 ex-KYQ, December 30 2016 ex-BNC

Type: Humsafar | Fare: Superfast Flexi | Distance: 3004 km | Halts: 19 | Time: 2d 3h 15m | Avg: 51 kph

  • 12504 BNC Humsafar Express from Guwahati Kamakhya KYQ to Bangalore Cantonment BNC via Kolkata Howrah HWH and Chennai Perambur PER will run from KYQ on all Tuesdays. Timetable: Departs KYQ: 2010 (Tue), NBQ: 2302, NJP: 0245 (Wed), KNE: 0352, MLDT: 0650, HWH: 1240, KGP: 1435, BHC: 1730, CTC: 1850, BBS: 1930, KUR: 2020, BAM: 2200, VZM: 0100, VSKP: 0230, DVD: 0305 (Thu), BZA: 0800, PER: 1510, KPD: 1700, arrives BNC: 2115 (Thu).
  • 12503 KYQ Humsafar Express from Bangalore Cantonment BNC to Guwahati Kamakhya KYQ via Chennai Perambur PER and Kolkata Howrah HWH will depart from BNC on all Fridays. Timetable: Departs BNC: 1015 (Fri), KPD: 1340, PER: 1550, BZA: 2355, DVD: 0442 (Sat), VSKP: 0530, VZM: 0627, BAM: 0911, KUR: 1130, BBS: 1200, CTC: 1235, BHC: 1422, KGP: 1640, HWH: 1850, MLDT: 0040 (Sun), KNE: 0232, NJP: 0435, NBQ: 0952, arrives KYQ: 1330 (Sun).

Accommodation: AC 3 tier only.

Route and Stoppages: New Bongaigaon, New Jalpaiguri, Kishanganj, Malda Town, Kolkata Howrah, Kharagpur, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar, Khurda Road, Brahmapur, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, Duvvada, Vijayawada, Chennai Perambur, Katpadi, Whitefield.

A direct replacement of the currently running 82501/82502 (Suvidha) Premium train on the same days and same timetable.

22317/22318 Kolkata Sealdah - Jammu Tawi - Sealdah Humsafar Express (ER)

Type: Humsafar | Fare: TBA | Distance: 1960 km | Halts: 12* | Time: 1d 8h 20m | Avg: 60 kph

  • 22137 JAT Humsafar Express from Kolkata Sealdah SDAH to Jammu Tawi JAT will depart from SDAH on all Mondays from Sealdah. Timetable: Departs SDAH: 1520 (Mon), ASN: 1805, DHN: 1910, DAYA: 2145, MGS: 0015 (Tue), BSB: 0115, LKO: 0625, BE: 0958, MB: 1140, SRE: 1500, UMB: 1625, LDH: 1815, arrives JAT: 2340 (Tue).
  • 22138 SDAH Humsafar Express from Jammu Tawi JAT to Kolkata Sealdah SDAH will run from JAT on all Wednesdays. Timetable: Departs JAT: 0720 (Wed), LDH: 1225, UMB: 1420, SRE: 1515, MB: 1815, BE: 1937, LKO: 0005 (Thu), BSB: 0555, MGS: 0655, GAYA: 1010, DHN: 1320, ASN: 1426, SDAH: 1745 (Thu).

Accommodation: AC 3 tier only

Route and Stoppages: Asansol, Dhanbad, Gaya, Mughalsarai, Varanasi, Lucknow Charbagh NR, Bareilly, Moradabad, Saharanpur, Ambala Cantonment, Ludhiana, Jammu Tawi.

One of the most underrated routes in the country gets a very well deserved premium service in addition to the horror that is the Kolkata-JAT Express, the excellent Himgiri Express and the overpriced Suvidha. It will be the fastest train between Kolkata and Punjab after Durgiana and Jallianwalabagh and the fastest to Jammu Tawi. This will not replace the Premium on this route.

22887/22888 Kolkata Howrah - Bangalore Yeshwantpur - Howrah Humsafar Express (SER)

Starts running on January 26, 2017, from Yeshwantpur and from January 31, 2017, from Howrah

Type: Humsafar | Fare: SF Flexi Fare | Distance: 1969 km | Halts: 16 | Time: 1d 8h 55m | Avg: 60 kph

  • 22887 YPR Humsafar Express from Kolkata Howrah HWH to Bangalore Yeshwantpur YPR will run from HWH on all Tuesdays. Timetable: Departs HWH: 1240 (Tue), KGP: 1435, BLS: 1617, BHC: 1730, CTC: 1850, BBS: 1930, KUR: 2020, BAM: 2200, PSA: 2312, CHE: 0005 (Wed), VZM: 0100, VSKP: 0230, RJY: 0524, BZA: 0800, OGL: 0944, RU: 1420, arrives YPR: 2135 (Wed).
  • 22888 HWH Humsafar Express from Bangalore Yeshwantpur YPR to Kolkata Howrah HWH will run from YPR on all Thursdays. Timetable: Departs YPR: 0955 (Thu), RU: 1645, OGL: 2037, BZA: 2305, VSKP: 0530 (Fri), VZM: 0627, CHE: 0721, PSA: 0820, BAM: 0911, KUR: 1130, BBS: 1200, CTC: 1235, BHC: 1422, BLS; 1607, KGP: 1640, arrives HWH: 1830 (Fri).

Accommodation: AC 3 tier only

Route and Stoppages: Kharagpur, Balasore, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar, Khurda Road, Brahmapur, Palasa, Srikakulam Road, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Ongole, Renigunta.

Another addition to the extremely successful Kolkata - Bangalore - Kolkata club. Runs almost in the slot of the Kamakhya - Bangalore Premium/Humsafar. However, since it runs on days when the Duronto is already running, it should've been scheduled to cover weekends. Also, it will take three and a half hours more than the Duronto.

12595/12596 | 12571/12572 Gorakhpur - Delhi Anand Vihar T - Gorakhpur Humsafar Express (NER)

Started Running on December 20, 2016.

Type: Humsafar | Fare: SF Flexi | Distance: 770 km | Halts: 4 | Time: 12h 35m | Avg: 61 kph

  • 12595 | 12571 ANVT Humsafar Express from Gorakhpur GKP Bihar to Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus ANVT will run on all Tuesdays, Thursdays via Basti |  Sundays via Barhni. Timings: Departs GKP: 2000 (Tu, Th) | 1900 (Su), LKO: 0105 (W, F | M), CNB: 0245, arrives ANVT: 0850 (W, F | M).
  • 12596 | 12572 ANVT Humsafar Express from Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus ANVT to Gorakhpur GKP Bihar will run on all Mondays via Barhni | Wednesdays, Fridays via Basti Schedule: Departs ANVT: 2000 (M | W, F), CNB: 0055 (Tu | Th, Sa), LKO: 0225, arrives GKP: 0915 (Tu) | 0850 (Th, Sa).

Accommodation: 18 Humsafar AC 3 tier coaches, 02 EOGs (20 coaches HS LHB rake)

Route and Stoppages: Basti, Gonda >> | Anand Nagar Jn, Balrampur, Barhni >> Lucknow Charbagh NR, Kanpur Central.

Most probably will be the first Humsafar Express to be inaugurated. Will run on one of the highest density and most patronized routes in India. The Gorakhpur Humsafar has an almost perfect timetable, enabling a comfortable overnight journey both ways in the direction of traffic flow, making it the ideal overnight weekender choice. And it is only the second fastest train between Gorakhpur and Delhi! Update: started running as two different trains: a biweekly via Basti, Gonda and a weekly via Barhni.

22883/22884 Bhubaneshwar - Bangalore Krishnarajapuram - Bhubaneshwar Humsafar Exp (ECoR)

Type: Humsafar | Fare: Superfast Flexi | Distance: 1511 km | Halts: 17* | Time: 1d 1h 0m | Avg: 60 kph

  • 22883 KJM Humsafar Express from Bhubaneshwar BBS Orissa to Bangalore Krishnarajapuram KJM will run on all Mondays. Schedule: Departs BBS: 1200 (Mon), KUR: 1230, BAM: 1425, PSA: 1537, CHE: 1630, VZM: 1727, VSKP: 1855, DVD: 1927, RJY: 2157, EE: 2307, BZA: 0100 (Tue), OGL: 0252, NLR: 0410, GDR: 0525, RU: 0715, KPD: 0925, JTJ: 1045, BWT: 1145, arrives KJM: 1300 (Tue).
  • 22884 BBS Humsafar Express from Bangalore Krishnarajapuram KJM to Bhubaneshwar BBS Orissa will run on all Tuesdays. Timetable: Departs KJM: 1605 (Tue), BWT: 1640, JTJ: 1900, KPD: 2010, RU: 2235, GDR: 0025 (Wed), NLR: 0054, OGL: 0225, BZA: 0500, EE: 0552, RJY: 0710, DVD: 1027, VSKP: 1120, VZM: 1217, CHE: 1310, PSA: 1410, BAM: 1502, KUR: 1710, arrives BBS: 1745 (Wed).

Accommodation: AC 3 tier only.

Route and Stoppages: Khurda Road, Brahmapur, Palasa, Srikakulam Road, Vijayanagaram, Visakhapatnam, Duvvada, Rajahmundry, Eluru, Vijayawada, Ongole, Nellore, Gudur, Renigunta, Katpadi, Jolarpettai, Bangarapet.

22920/22919 Ahmedabad - Chennai - Ahmedabad Humsafar Express (WR)

Will start running on May 08, 2017.

Type: Humsafar | Fare: SF Flexi | Distance: 1717 km | Halts: 10 | Time: 1d 05h 05m | Avg: 55 kph

22920 MAS Humsafar Express from Ahmedabad ADI to Chennai Central MAS will run on all Mondays. Timetable: Departs ADI: 1530 (Mon), BRC: 1710, ST: 1900, BSR: 2210, PNVL: 2340, PUNE: 0240 (Tue), SUR: 0835, GR: 1028, RC: 1245, AD: 1402, GTL: 1455, RU: 2010, arrives MAS: 2235 (Tue).

22919 ADI Humsafar Express from Chennai Central MAS to Ahmedabad ADI will run on all Wednesdays. Timings: Departs MAS: 2010 (Wed), RU: 2215, GTL: 0420 (Thu), RC: 0612, GR: 1045, SUR: 1205, PUNE: 1635, PNVL: 1905, BSR: 2120, ST: 0030 (Thu), BRC: 0205, arrives ADI: 0315 (Fri).

Accommodation: AC 3 Tier only.

Route and Stoppages: Vadodara, Surat, Vasai Road, Panvel, Pune, Solapur, Gulbarga, Raichur, Guntakal, Renigunta.

22913/22914 Mumbai Bandra Terminus - Patna - Mumbai Bandra Humsafar Express (WR)
  • 22913 PNBE Humsafar Express from Mumbai Bandra Terminus BDTS to Patna Bihar PNBE will run on all Sundays. Timings: Departs BDTS: 1255 (Sun), BL: 1550, UDN: 1745, NDB: 2045, JL: 0020 (Mon), BSL: 0055, KNW: 0255, ET: 0610, JBP: 0950, KTE: 1110, STA: 1255, COI: 1622, MZP: 1720, MGS: 1850, arrives PNBE: 2115 (Mon).
  • 22914 BDTS Humsafar Express from Patna PNBE Bihar to Mumbai Bandra Terminus BDTS will run on all Tuesdays. Timings: Departs PNBE: 2310 (Tue), MGS: 0307 (Wed), MZP: 0402, COI: 0514, STA: 0805, KTE: 0920, JBP: 1100, ET: 1450, KNW: 1735, BSL: 1930, JL: 2040, NDB: 2350, UDN: 0255, BL: 0410, arrives BDTS: 0735 (Thu).

Accommodation: AC 3 tier only.

Route and Stoppages: Valsad, Surat Udhna, Nandurbar, Jalgaon, Bhusaval, Khandwa, Itarsi, Jabalpur, Katni, Satna, Allahabad Chheoki, Mirzapur, Mughalsarai.

14715/14716 Sriganaganagar - Tiruchchirappalli - Sriganganagar Humsafar Express (NWR)

Type: Humsafar | Fare: Flexi | Distance: 3113 km | Halts: 35 | Time: 2d 15h 45m | Avg: 49 kph

  • 14715 TPJ Humsafar Express from Sriganganagar SGNR Rajasthan to Tiruchchirappalli Jn TPJ Tamil Nadu via Mumbai, Bangalore will run from SGNR on all Tuesdays. Timetable: Departs SGNR: 0025 (Tue), HMH: 0150, SOG: 0255, BKN: 0620, JU: 1105, MJ: 1302, ABR: 1600, PNU: 1658, MSH: 1801, ADI: 1955, ND: 2043, ANND: 2100, BRC: 2148, BH: 2237, ST: 0006 (Wed), BSR: 0340, KYN: 0450, LNL: 0620, PUNE: 0750, STR: 1055, SLI: 1400, MRJ: 1500, BGM: 1710, DWR: 1920, UBL: 2025, HRR: 2235, DVG: 2253, RRB: 0040 (Thu), ASK: 0135, TK: 0325, BAND: 0450, KJM: 0510, BWT: 0610, SA: 1005, NMKL: 1055, KRR: 1130, arrives TPJ: 1330 (Thu).
  • 14716 SGNR Humsafar Express from Tiruchchirappalli TPJ Tamil Nadu to Sriganganagar SGNR Rajasthan via Bangalore, Mumbai will depart from TPJ on all Thursdays. Timetable: Departs TPJ: 2330 (Thu), KRR: 0110 (Fri), NMKL: 0140, SA: 0250, BWT: 0645, KJM: 0740, BAND: 0755, TK: 1120, ASK: 1315, RRB: 1400, DVG: 1545, HRR: 1600, UBL: 1920, DWR: 1942, BGM: 2212, MRJ: 0120 (Sat), SLI: 0135, STR: 0345, PUNE: 0815, LNL: 0935, KYN: 1103, BSR: 1210, ST: 1535, BH: 1620, BRC: 1723, ANND: 1800, ND: 1816, ADI: 1920, MSH: 2043, PNU: 2220, ABR: 2315, MJ: 0230 (Sun), JU: 0415, BKN: 0935, SOG: 1215, HMO: 1325, arrives SGNR: 1515 (Sun).

Accommodation: AC 3 tier only.

Route and Stoppages: Hanumangarh, Suratgarh, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Marwar, Abu Road, Palanpur, Mehsana, Ahmedabad, Nadiad, Anand, Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat, Vasai Road, Kalyan, Lonavala, Pune, Satara, Sangli, Miraj, Belgaum, Dharwad, Hubli, Harihar, Davangere, Birur, Arsikere, Tumkur, Bangalore Banaswadi, Bangalore Krishnarajapuram, Bangarapet, Salem, Namakkal, Karur.

Look at that route. Look at it! An epic cross country train intending to kill many birds with one stone. It connects Tamil Nadu, Bangalore and the rest of Karnataka with Mumbai, Rajasthan and Gujarat and all of these with each other, especially favoring the large Marwari community in Northern Karnataka and Maharashtra. It must've been intended for Bangalore first and then extended to the first place where a free pit line was available. This will be the first train from the north Rajasthan area to run to anywhere in the south. Also, note that this is not a Superfast but only a regular express.

22705/22706 Tirupati - Jammu Tawi - Tirupati Humsafar Express (SCR)

Started running on 19 June 2017

Type: Humsafar | Fare: SF Flexi Fare | Distance: 2985 km | Halts: 12 | Time: 2d 5h 55m | Avg: 55 kph

  • 22705 JAT Humsafar Express from Tirupati TPTY to Jammu Tawi JAT via Hyderabad and Delhi will run on all Tuesdays. Schedule: Departs TPTY: 1715 (Tue), GTL: 2235, AD: 2320, RC: 0042 (Wed), SC: 0720, KZJ: 0916, RDM: 1030, BPQ: 1335, NGP: 1630, HBJ: 2252, JHS: 0300 (Thu), DSJ: 0920, PNP: 1109, UMB: 1305, RPJ: 1340, LDH: 1535, JRC: 1628, arrives JAT: 2110 (Thu).
  • 22706 TPTY Humsafar Express from Jammu Tawi JAT to Tirupati TPTY via Delhi and Hyderabad will run on all Fridays. Timetable: Departs JAT: 0530, JRC: 0945, LDH: 1105, RPJ: 1234, UMB: 1325, PNP: 1457, DSJ: 1645, JHS: 0020 (Sat), HBJ: 0511, NGP: 1250, BPQ: 1650, RDM: 1840, KZJ: 2010, SC: 2300, RC: 0340 (Sun), AD: 0502, GTL: 0550, arrives TPTY: 1130 (Sun).

Accommodation: 16 Humsafar AC 3 tier, 01 Pantry Car, 02 EOGs (19 coaches LHB)

Route and Stoppages: Guntakal, Adoni, Raichur, Secunderabad, Kazipet, Ramagundam, Ballaharshah, Nagpur, Bhopal Habibganj, Jhansi, Delhi Safdarjung, Panipat, Ambala Cantonment, Rajpura, Ludhiana Jn, Jalandhar Cantonment.

20889/20890 Howrah - Vijayawada - Howrah Humsafar Express (SER)

Started running on 19 June 2017

Type: Humsafar | Fare: SF Flexi Fare | Distance: 1231 km | Halts: 6 | Time: 19h 05m | Avg: 65 kph

  • 20889 BZA Humsafar Express will run on all Saturdays from Kolkata Howrah HWH to Vijayawada BZA. Full Timetable: Departs HWH: 1240 (Sat), KGP: 1435, CTC: 1850, BBS: 1930, VZM: 0100 (Sun), VSKP: 0230, RJY: 0524, arrives BZA: 0745 (Sun).
  • 20890 HWH Humsafar Express will run on all Sundays from Vijayawada BZA to Kolkata Howrah HWH. Full Timetable: Departs BZA: 2305 (Sun), RJY: 0117 (Mon), VSKP: 0530, VZM: 0627, BBS: 1200, CTC: 1235, KGP: 1640, arrives HWH: 1830 (Mon).

Composition: 16 Humsafar AC 3 tier, 01 AC Pantry Car, 02 EOGs (19 coaches LHB)

Route and Stoppages: Kharagpur, Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar, Vijayanagaram, Visakhapatnam, Rajahmundry.

The first Humsafar express to run that was not included in the initial list, to utilize the layover rake of 22887/8 Yeshwantpur Humsafar. Would've made much more sense if it were run to New Jalpaiguri or Siliguri behind and ahead as a shadow train to the legendary, perennially overbooked Darjeeling Mail.

14815/14816 Jodhpur Bhagat Ki Kothi-Chennai Tambaram-Jodhpur Bhagat Ki Kothi Humsafar Express (NWR)

Started Running on May 14 2018

Type: Humsafar | Fare: Flexi Fare | Distance: 2504 km | Halts: 15 | Time: 1d 20h 45m | Avg: 58 kph

  • 14815 TBM Humsafar Express will run on all Wednesdays from Jodhpur Bhagat-ki-Kothi BGKT to Chennai Tambaram TBM via Jaipur, Nagpur. Timetable: Departs BGKT: 1530 (Wed), JU: 1550, JP: 2140, SWM: 2345, KOTA: 0145 (Thu), GUNA: 0525, ASKN: 0604, BINA: 0735, BPL: 0955, ET: 1215, NGP: 1650, BPQ: 2000, WL: 2320, BZA: 0245 (Fri), GDR: 0705, arrives MS: 0955, TBM: 1045 (Fri).
  • 14816 BGKT Humsafar Express will run on all Fridays from Chennai Tambaram TBM to Jodhpur Bhagat ki Kothi KGKT Nagpur, Jaipur. Timetable: Departs MS: 1915 (Fri), MS: 1950, GDR: 2235, BZA: 0330 (Sat), WL: 0615, BPQ: 1050, NGP: 1355, ET: 2005, BPL: 2235, BINA: 0105 (Sun), ASKN: 0322, GUNA: 0425, KOTA: 0820, SWM: 1015, JP: 1235, JU: 1920, arrives BGKT: 1930 (Sun).

Composition: 16 AC 3 tier Humsafar Coaches, 01 AC Pantry Car, 02 EOGs (19 coaches LHB)

Route and Stoppages: Jodhpur, Phulera, Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Kota, Guna, Ashok Nagar, Bina, Bhopal, Itarsi, Nagpur, Balharshah, Warangal, Vijayawada, Gudur, Chennai Egmore.

19424/19423 Gandhidham-Tirunelveli-Gandhidham Humsafar Express (WR)

To be started

Type: Humsafar | Fare: Flexi Fare | Distance: 2402 km | Halts: 24 | Time: 1d 21h 20m | Avg: 53 kph

  • 19424 TEN Humsafar Express will run on all Mondays from Gandhidham GIMB Gujarat to Tirunelveli TEN Tamil Nadu via Konkan Railway, Kerala. Timetable: Departs GIMB: 1350 (Mon), ADI: 1925, BRC: 21215, ST: 2340, BSR: 0315 (Tue), PNVL: 0430, CHI: 0735, RN: 0910, KKW: 1030, KRMI: 1230, MAO: 1320, KAWR: 1408, KT: 1508, UD: 1740, MAJN: 1940, KGQ: 2020, CAN: 2150, CLT: 2315, TIR: 0010 (Wed), SRR: 0140, TCR: 0237, ERS: 0410, ALLP: 0450, KYJ: 0542, QLN: 0632, TVC: 0750, arrives TEN: 1130 (Wed).
  • 19423 GIMB Humsafar Express will run on all Thursdays from Tirunelveli TEN Tamil Nadu via Kerala and Konkan Railway to Gandhidham GIMB Gujarat. Timetable: Departs TEN: 0745 (Thu), TVC: 1055, KYJ: 1232, ALLP: 1340, ERS: 1455, TCR: 1610, SRR: 1700, TIR: 1740, CLT: 1825, CAN: 1955, KGQ: 2100, MAJN: 2210, UD: 2340, KT: 0212 (Fri), KAWR: 0302, MAO: 0400, KRMI: 0440, KKW: 0630, RN: 0810, CHI: 0942, PNVL: 1340, ST: 1855, BRC: 2058, ADI: 2310, arrives GIMB: 0655 (Sat).

Composition: TBA

Route and Stoppages: Ahmedabad Jn., Vadodara Jn., Surat, Panvel Jn., Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Kankavali, Karmali, Madgaon Jn., Karwar, Kumta, Udupi, Mangalore Jn., Kasaragod, Kannur Main, Kozhikode, Tirur, Shoranur Jn., Thrissur, Ernakulam Jn., Alappuzha, Kayamkulam Jn., Kollam Jn., Thiruvananthapuram Central.

19667/19668 Udaipur - Mysore - Udaipur Palace Queen Humsafar Express (NWR)

Started running on 26 February 2018

Type: Humsafar | Fare: Flexi Fare | Distance: 2259 km | Halts: 12 | Time: 1d 19h 35m | Avg: 52 kph

  • 19667 Palace Queen Humsafar Express will run on all Mondays from Udaipur City UDZ Rajasthan to Mysore Jn MYS Karnataka via Pune, Bangalore. Timetable: Departs UDZ: 2100 (Mon), COR: 2130, RTM: 0315 (Tue), BRC: 0741, ST: 0957, BSR: 1305, PUNE: 1700, MRJ: 2355, BGM: 0210 (Wed), UBL: 0530, DVG: 0740, SBC: 1350, MYA: 1507, arrives MYS: 1625 (Wed).
  • 19668 Palace Queen Humsafar Express will run on all Thursdays from Mysore Jn MYS Karnataka to Udaipur City UDZ Rajasthan via Bangalore, Pune. Timetable: Departs MYS: 1000 (Thu), MYA: 1037, SBC: 1215, DVG: 1735, UBL: 2050, BGM: 2332, MRJ: 0240 (Fri), PUNE: 0820, BSR: 1250, ST: 1547, BRC: 1748, RTM: 2210, COR: 0255 (Sat), arrives UDZ: 0455 (Sat).

Composition: 16 Humsafar AC 3 tier, 01 AC Pantry Car, 02 EOGs (19 coaches LHB)

Route and Stoppages: Chittaurgarh, Ratlam, Vadodara, Surat, Vasai Road, Pune, Miraj, Belgaum, Hubballi, Davangere, KSR Bengaluru City, Mandya.

The first "named" Humsafar express. It is not a superfast and does what Humsafar expresses are good at, connecting several places at one go. The second Humsafar connecting Karnataka with Rajasthan after the Sriganganagar - Trichy Humsafar. This one also doubles as an excellent overnighter between Pune and Hubli/Belgaum and also Bangalore.

Antyodaya Express Trains

Antyodaya express trains will be fully unreserved long distance superfast trains aimed at the “common man”. They will consist of only unreserved General coaches and will be mainly aimed at migrant laborers and hence mostly originate from UP, Bihar, WB and the Northeast. Currently, these type of trains is called Jansadharan Expresses. However, Antyodaya Expresses will all have brand-new LHB rakes with a new red and yellow paint scheme. Also, unlike JanSadharan Expresses, these trains have limited stops, are very fast and have high priority.

15563/15564 Jaynagar - Surat Udhna - Jaynagar Antyodaya Express (ECR)

Type: Antyodata | Fare: Mail/Express | Distance: 1941 km | Halts: 21* | Time: 1d 12h 15m | Avg: 50 kph

  • 15563 UDN Antyodaya Express from Jaynagar JYG Bihar to Surat Udhna UDN Gujarat will run on all Saturdays from Jaynagar. Timetable: Departs JYG: 0120 (Sat), DBG: 0300, SPJ: 0430, BJU: 0615, MKA: 0720, PNBE: 1010, ARA: 1100, BXR: 1203, MGS: 1350, MZA: 1528, COI: 1638, STA 1930, KTE: 2055, JBP: 2220, PPI: 0040 (Sun), ET: 0210, HD: 0304, KNW: 0518, BSL: 0700, JL: 0745, NDB: 1032, arrives UDN: 1335 (Sun).
  • 15564 JYG Antyodaya Express from Surat Udhna UDN Gujarat to Jaynagar JYG Bihar will run on all Sundays from Udhna. Timetable: Departs UDN: 0850 (Sun), ST: 1138, JL: 1455, BSL: 1530, KNW: 1815, HD: 1930, ET: 2135, PPI: 2235, JBP: 0130 (Mon), KTE: 0242, STA: 0415, COI: 0815, MZA: 0923, MGS: 1110, BXR: 1220, ARA: 1314, PNBE: 1510, MKA: 1634, BJU: 1745, SPJ: 1905, DBG: 2020, arrives JYG: 2240 (Mon).

Accommodation: General Unreserved (II) Only.

Route and Stoppages: Darbhanga, Samastipur, Barauni, Mokama, Patna, Ara, Buxar, Mughalsarai, Mirzapur, Chheoki, Satna, Katni, Jabalpur, Pipariya, Itarsi, Harda, Khandwa, Bhusawal, Jalgaon, Nandurbar, Surat.

The first train that will connect the northernmost areas and the border of Nepal with Gujarat.

15567/15568 Darbhanga - Jalandhar - Darbhanga Antyodaya Express (ECR)

Type: Antyodata | Fare: Mail/Express | Distance: 1392 km | Halts: 14* | Time: 1d 6h 25m | Avg: 45 kph

  • 15567 JUC Antyodaya Express from Darbhanga DBG to Jalandhar City JUC will depart from DBG every Tuesday. Timings: Departs DBG: 2330 (Tue), SMI: 0040 (Wed), RXL: 0250, SGL: 0328, BTH: 0410, NKE: 0535, GKP: 1035, SCC: 1633, BE: 1917, MB: 2105, LRJ: 2310, SRE: 0035 (Thu), UMB: 0210, CDG: 0242, LDH: 0425, arrives JRC: 0555 (Thu).
  • 15568 DBG Antyodaya Express from Jalandhar City JUC to Darbhanga DBG will run from JUC every Thursday. Schedule: Departs JUC: 1105 (Thu), LDH: 1215, CDG: 1400, UMB: 1450, SRE: 1620, LRJ: 1721, MB: 1950, BE: 2125, SCC: 0115 (Fri), GKP: 0835, NKE: 1225, BTH: 1300, SGL: 1318, RXL: 1420, SMI: 1635, arrives DBG: 1830 (Fri).

Accommodation: General Unreserved (II) Only

Route and Stoppages: Sitamarhi, Raxaul, Sagauli, Bettiah, Narkatiaganj, Gorakhpur, Sitapur Cantonment, Bareilly, Moradabad, Laskar, Saharanpur, Ambala Cantonment, Chandigarh, Ludhiana.

22841/22842 Kolkata Santragachi - Chennai - Santragachi Antyodaya Express (SER)

Type: Antyodata | Fare: Superfast | Distance: 1655 km | Halts: 14* | Time: 1d 4h 45m | Avg: 57 kph

  • 22841 MAS Antyodaya Express from Kolkata Santragachi SRC to Chennai Central MAS will run from SRC on all Mondays. Timetable: Departs SRC: 1900 (Mon), KGP: 2032, BLS: 2202, BHC: 2307, JJKR: 2338, CTC: 0040 (Tue), BBS: 0120, KUR: 0200, BAM: 0335, PSA: 0447, CHE: 0536, VZM: 0635, VSKP: 0820, DVD: 0852, GDR: 2100, arrives MAS: 2345 (Tue).
  • 22842 SRC Antyodaya Express from Chennai Central MAS to Kolkata Santragachi SRC will depart from MAS on all Wednesdays. Schedule: Departs MAS: 0810 (Wed), GDR: 1020, DVD: 2005, VSKP: 2055, VZM: 2155, CHE: 2249, PSA:0005 (Thu), BAM: 0101, KUR: 0315, BBS: 0345, CTC: 0420, JJKR: 0580, BHC: 0610, BLS: 0655, KGP: 0837, arrives SRC: 1025 (Thu).

Accommodation: General Unreserved (II) only.

Route and Stoppages: Kharagpur, Balasore, Bhadrak, Jajpur-Keonjhar Road, Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar, Khurda Road, Brahmapur, Palasa, Srikakulam Road, Vijayanagaram, Visakhapatnam, Duvvada, Gudur...

Runs in the exact same slot as the AC Express. The same train running as polar opposites of each other on two different days!

22877/22878 Kolkata Howrah - Ernakulam - Howrah Antyodaya Express (SER)

Started Running on February 27, 2017.

Type: Antyodata | Fare: Superfast | Distance: 2277 km | Halts: 22 | Time: 1d 13h 0m | Avg: 62 kph

22877 ERS Antyodaya Express from Kolkata Howrah HWH to Ernakulam Jn ERS will depart from HWH on all Saturdays. Timetable: Departs HWH: 1700 (Sat), KGP: 1850, BLS: 2024, BHC: 2120, CTC: 2250, BBS: 2335, KUR: 0025 (Sun), BAM: 0206, PSA: 0332, CHE: 0425, VZM: 0535, RJY: 0957, BZA: 1245, OGL: 1436, RU: 1825, KPD: 2025, JTJ: 2135, SA: 2305, ED: 0010 (Mon), CBE: 0140, PGT: 0250, TCR: 0400, arrives ERS: 0600 (Mon).

22878 HWH Antyodaya Express from Ernakulam Jn ERS to Kolkata Howrah HWH will depart from ERS on all Tuesdays. Timetable: Departs ERS: 0025 (Tue), TCR: 0140, PGT: 0310, CBE: 0430, ED: 0600, SA: 0655, JTJ: 0850, KPD: 1000, RU: 1215, OGL: 1625, BZA: 1845, VZM: 0140 (Wed), CHE: 0233, PSA: 0332, BAM: 0427, KUR: 0655, BBS: 0720, CTC: 0750, BHC: 1025, BLS: 1112, KGP: 1250, arrives HWH: 1450 (Wed).

Accommodation: General Unreserved (II) only.

Route and Stoppages: Kharagpur, Balasore, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar, Khurda Road, Brahmapur, Palasa, Srikakulam Road, Vijayanagaram, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Ongole, Gudur, Renigunta, Katpadi, Jolarpettai, Salem, Erode, Coimbatore, Palakkad, Thrissur, Aluva.

A terribly needed train which is going to be probably the most subscribed to Antyodaya Express. Currently, there are around 3 lakh migrant laborers in Kerala from Orissa, WB, Bihar and the North East and only four trains a week for them to travel. It would've been better if this slot had a tri-weekly Antyodaya, a tri-weekly Superfast and a weekly Humsafar Express. This will be the only train that will touch Kerala among the 23 announced. Here is a video of its inaugural run.

22885/22886 Tatanagar - Mumbai LTT - Tatanagar Antyodaya Express (SER)

Started running on March 19, 2017, from TATA

Type: Antyodata | Fare: Superfast | Distance: 1704 km | Halts: 11 | Time: 1d 1h | Avg: 68 kph

  • 22885 LTT Antyodaya Express from Tatanagar TATA to Mumbai Kurla LTT will run bi-weekly, on all Sundays, Thursdays. Timetable: Departs TATA: 2155 (Su, Th), CKP: 2252, ROU: 0020 (M, F), JSG: 0157, RIG: 0248, BSP: 0500, R: 0630, DURG: 0725, G: 0910, NGP: 1125, BSL: 1640, IGP: 2055, arrives LTT:  2345 (M, F).
  • 22886 TATA Antyodaya Express from Mumbai Kurla LTT to Tatanagar TATA will run bi-weekly, on all Tuesdays, Saturdays. Timetable: Departs LTT: 1320 (Tu, Sa), IGP: 1535, BSL: 1940, NGP: 0130 (W, Su), G: 0315, DURG: 0500, R: 0535, BSP: 0735, R: 0915, JSG: 1025, ROU: 1152, CKP: 1315, arrives TATA: 1420 (W, Su).

Accommodation: General Unreserved (II) only.

Route and Stoppages: Chakaradharpur, Rourkela, Jharsuguda, Raigarh, Bilaspur, Raipur, Durg, Gondia, Nagpur, Bhusawal, Igatpuri.

Here is the inaugural run of the TATA Antyodata Express from Mumbai

22895/22896 Bilaspur - Firozpur - Bilaspur Antyodaya Express (SECR)

Type: Antyodata | Fare: Superfast | Distance: 1530 km | Halts: 11* | Time: 1d 3h 40m | Avg: 55 kph

22895 FZR Antyodaya Express from Bilaspur BSP to Firozpur Cantonment FZR via Delhi runs on all Sundays from Bilaspur. Timetable: Departs BSP: 1000 (Sun), APR: 1212, KMZ: 1535, DMO: 1700, JHS: 2140, DSJ: 0445 (Mon), ROK: 0607, JIND: 0657, JHL: 0832, BTI: 1055, arrives FZR: 1300 (Mon).

22896 BSP Antyodaya Express from Firozpur Cantonment FZR to Bilaspur BSP via Delhi will run from FZR on all Mondays. Timetable: Departs FZR: 2340 (Mon), BTI: 0125 (Tue), JHL: 0250, JIND: 0357, ROK: 0457, DSJ: 0655, JHS: 1430, DMO: 1915, KMZ: 2125, APR: 0012 (Wed), arrives BSP: 0320 (Wed).

Accommodation: General Unreserved (II) only.

Route and Stoppages: Anuppur, Katni Marwara, Damoh, Saugor, Jhansi, Delhi Safdarganj, Rohtak, Jind, Jakhal, Bathinda.

22921/22922 Mumbai Bandra Terminus - Gorakhpur - Bandra Antyodaya Express (WR)

Type: Antyodata | Fare: Mail/Express | Distance: 1956 km | Halts: 22* | Time: 1d 10h 15m | Avg: 57 kph

  • 22921 GKP Antyodaya Express from Mumbai Bandra Terminus BDTS to Gorakhpur GKP will run on all Sundays from Mumbai. Timetable: Departs BDTS: 0510 (Sun), BVI: 0540, ST: 0855, BRC: 1053, DHD: 1258, RTM: 1455, RMA: 1729, KOTA: 1840, SWM: 2002, GGC: 2100, BTE: 2325, AH: 0020 (Mon), MTJ: 0135, HTC: 0223, KSJ: 0235, FBD: 0500, KJN: 0556, CPA: 0810, CNB: 0835, LKO: 1020, GD: 1235, BST: 1345, KLD: 1410, arrives GKP: 1525 (Mon).
  • 22922 BDTS Antyodaya Express from Gorakhpur GKP to Mumbai Bandra Terminus BDTS will run on all Tuesdays from GKP. Schedule: Departs GKP: 0445 (Tue), KLD: 0527, BST: 0600, GD: 0725, LKO: 1015, CNB: 1210, CPA: 1225, KJN: 1334, FBD: 1505, KSJ: 1705, HTC: 1755, MTJ: 1930, AH: 2045, BTE: 2130, GGC: 2155, SWM: 0005 (Wed), KOTA: 0150, RMA: 0250, RTM: 0610, DHD: 0742, BRC: 1000, ST: 1220, BVI: 1537, arrives BDTS: 1615 (Wed).

Accommodation: General Unreserved (II) only.

Route and Stoppages: Mumbai Borivali, Surat, Vadodara, Dahod, Ratlam, Ramganj Mandi, Kota, Sawai Madhopur, Gangapur City, Bharatpur, Mathura Jn., Hathras, Kasganj, Farrukhabad, Kannauj, Kanpur Anwarganj, Kanpur Central, Lucknow Charbagh NR, Gonda, Basti, Khalilabad.

22632/22631 Chennai - Bikaner - Chennai Antyodaya Express (SR)

Demo Content

16355/16356 Trivandrum Kochuveli - Mangalore Jn - Trivandrum Kochuveli Biweekly Antyodaya Express (SR)

Inaugural run: Will start running on June 09, 2018.

Type: Antyodaya | Fare: Antyodaya | Distance: 614 km | Halts: 7 | Time: 11h 50m | Avg: 52 kph

  • 16355 MAJN Antyodaya will run on Thursdays, Saturdays from Trivandrum Kochuveli KCVL to Mangalore Jn MAJN. Timetable: Departs KCVL: 2125 (Th, Sa), QLN: 2225, ALLP: 2345, ERS: 0050 (W, Su), TCR: 0206, SRR: 0300, CLT: 0435, CAN: 0620, arrives MAJN: 0915 (W, Su).
  • 16356 KCVL Antyodaya will run on Fridays, Sundays from Mangalore Jn MAJN to Trivandrum Kochuveli KCVL. Full Timetable: Departs MAJN: 2000 (Su, F), CAN: 2220, SRR: 0140 (M, Sa), ERS: 0410, ALLP: 0500, arrives KCVL: 0815 (M, Sa).

Accommodation: 16 Antyodaya General Seating Coaches, 02 EOGs (18 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Kollam, Alappuzha, Kayamkulam, Ernakulam Jn., Thrissur, Shoranur, Kozhikode, Kannur, Kasargod.

Perfect days of service and timetable, but wrong rake. This completely useless invention must no doubt be inspired by the fact that all the three daily Trivandrum-Mangalore Expresses run with jam-packed general second class coaches. Still, this train will be an enormous flop. People in Kerala nowadays prefer to travel in style and comfort. There won't be a lot of people who would want to spend an overnight journey sitting all the way, especially so in coaches whose dazzlingly bright white lights you cannot switch off. Not to mention the lesser number of stoppages. If it were a regular express train with sleeper coaches and a couple of AC ones it would've turned out to be an enormous hit.

More details about these trains will be updated here as and when they are available.


Information provided here is only indicative in nature. Please always confirm all information with official sources before relying on them. Contact your nearest railway station or call 139 or visit the official website of Indian Railways. This website is not an official website of the Indian Railways but is run by a railway enthusiast in no official capacity whatsoever. The official website of the railways is

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