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Indian Railways Fare Hike Effective From June 25 2014

Train travel in India just got costlier. The Indian Railways have announced a hike (increase) in all passenger ticket prices and freight charges of all services in all classes on all trains running on its network, to be implemented with effect from Wednesday, June 25 2014. The increase in fares is quite steep, with hikes amounting at least 14% on all classes: reserved, unreserved, local, long-distance, AC, Premium everything.

  • Passenger fares have been hiked a flat 10% on the base fares of all classes on all types of trains.
  • There will be an increase of 4.2% in addition to this increase on account of the FAC recommendations.
  • So the total price hike on tickets is effective of 14.2% plus service taxes.
  • No changes in minimum distance that can be traveled. Minimum charges have been changed.
  • No changes in Superfast fees, Reservation, Catering and other additional sundry charges.
  • Season Ticket fare calculation structures of all cities have been changed and will face additional rate increases other than the remain as it is and will face a hike of only 14.2%. Please continue reading for more information.
  • Increases are only for the base fare. As the other charges haven’t been increased, the actual effective total increase in ticket price is somewhat short of 14%.
  • New fares will come into effect from 25 June 2014 for reserved segments and 27 June 2014 for unreserved.

[box type=”info”] In a nutshell, the fare hike summary: For a 12-18 hour (overnight) journey you will be paying around Rs.15 more for General Second Class, Rs.50 more for Sleeper Class, Rs.100 more for AC 3 tier and AC Chair Car, Rs. 200 more for AC 2 tier and Rs.500 more for AC First Class [/box]

NOTE: All tickets with traveling dates after June 25 2014 will be affected by the fare hike, no matter whether they were purchased on or before or after June 25. The difference in fare has to be paid by the passenger to the TTE on board or at the ticket booking counters (both UTS/Current/General and Reserved) at all railway stations or otherwise.

ORDINARY (Passenger) Second Class (Suburban and Non-Suburban)

  • Minimum Charge: Rs.5, Distance travelable: 20 km
  • Maximum chargeable fare and distance for Second Class Suburban: Rs.30 (150 km)
  • No increase in any fares upto 80 km for Suburban (local) single tickets.
  • New Local fare from Churchgate to Virar: Rs.20 
  • New Local fare from Mumbai CST to Thane: Rs.20
  • From Bangalore to Mysore: Rs.35 
  • From Delhi to Rewari: Rs.25
  • From Patna to Gaya: Rs.25
  • From Erode to Coimbatore: Rs.25

Second Class Monthly Season Tickets (MST): Will be charged at the same increase of 14.2% on the existing charges for suburban (Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata locals and other cities) and non-suburban all other trains. First Class Monthly Season Tickets (MST) will cost the same four times of the Second Class Monthly Season Ticket fares as they do now. Which means rates of First Class MSTs also will be double of the previous fare from July 2014. In the same way, Quarterly Season Tickets (QST), Half Yearly Season Tickets (HST) and Yearly Season Tickets (YST) will all double in rates. (Earlier order of charging Monthly Season Tickets for 30 journeys has been revoked). (Stand by for new stationwise fare charts)

To know exact new/revised fares between any two Indian Railways stations for all reserved trains you can also visit the following links: Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry (official) OR E-RAIL

New Ticket Prices on Selected Routes, Trains and Classes on Indian Railways wef June 25 2014.


New fares in bold and old fares in brackets. Charges shown are inclusive of everything: Base fare, Reservation, Superfast and Catering charges (if applicable) and service tax. Tatkal charges and IRCTC service charges are not included.

General (Unreserved) Second Class and Second Sitting Express/Mail/Superfast

  • Minimum Charges: Rs.35 before adding reservation, Superfast charges etc.
  • Distance you can travel on minimum charge: upto 65 km.
  • Not applicable for Jan Shatabdi Second Sitting.

New General Second Class Express fare (ticket cost) from:

  • From Hyderabad HYB to Tirupati TPTY Krishna Express: Rs.220 (Rs.195)
  • From Kolkata Howrah HWH to Dhanbad DHN Black Diamond: Rs.125 (Rs.115)
  • From Chennai Central MAS to Coimbatore CBE Kovai Express: Rs.180 (Rs.165)
  • From Jodhpur JU to Jaipur JP Ranthambore Express: Rs.135 (Rs.125)
  • From Kolkata Howrah HWH to Digha DGH Tamralipta Express: Rs.105 (Rs.95)
  • From Indore JN BG INDB to Bhopal Jn BPL Intercity Express: Rs.95 (Rs.85)
  • From New Delhi NDLS to Saharanpur SRE Ujjaini Express: Rs.70 (Rs.60)


  • Minimum Charge: Rs.120 before adding Reservation Charge, Superfast Charge etc.
  • Distance you can travel on minimum charge: upto 200 km.
  • These rates are applicable also if you buy Sleeper tickets over the UTS counters.
  • Not applicable for Duronto Sleeper Class.

New (Revised) Sleeper Class Fares for Mail/Express/Superfast Trains wef Jul 25 2014:

  • From Hyderabad HYB to Mumbai CSTM (Hussainsagar): Rs.425 (Rs.380)
  • From Kolkata Howrah HWH to Puri PURI (Sri Jagannath): Rs.300 (Rs.260)
  • From New Delhi NDLS to Jammu Tawi JAT (Uttar Sampark Kranti): Rs.355 (Rs.315)
  • From Trivandrum TVC to Chennai Central MAS (Chennai Mail): Rs.465 (Rs.410)
  • From Bangalore SBC to Mangalore Central MAQ (16127 Kannur Exp): Rs.300 (Rs.260)
  • From Ernakulam Town ERN to Hyderabad HYB (Sabari Express): Rs.550 (Rs.480)
  • From Bangalore (YPR) to Goa Vasco VDG (17309 Vasco Express): Rs.365 (Rs.315)
  • From Guwahati GHY to Bangalore City SBC (Kaziranga SF Express): Rs.905 (Rs.795)

AC Fares for Indian Railways Express/Mail Trains Including Superfasts


  • Minimum Charge: Rs.205 exclusive of Reservation Charge, Superfast Charge, tax etc.
  • Distance you can travel on the minimum charge: upto 150 km.
  • Not applicable for Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi/Garibrath/Yuva AC Chair Cars.

New (Revised) AC Chair Car Fare for Mail/Express/Superfast Trains from 25 July 2014

  • From Mumbai CSTM to Ahmedabad ADI (Gujarat Express) Rs.610 (Rs.535)
  • From Mumbai CSTM to Pune PUNE (Deccan Queen): Rs.370 (Rs.335)
  • From New Delhi NDLS to Lucknow LKO (Gomti Express): Rs.695 (Rs.620)
  • From Secunderabad SC to Vijayawada BZA (Janmabhoomi): Rs.510 (Rs.455)
  • From Chennai Egmore MS to Madurai MDU (Vaigai Express): Rs.655 (Rs. 585)


  • Distance you can travel on minimum fare: upto 300 km.
  • Minimum Fares: AC 3 Tier: Rs.430; AC 2 Tier: Rs.615, AC First Class Rs. 1050.
  • Not Applicable for Garib Rath AC 3 Tier.

New (Revised) AC 3 Tier (Third AC) Fares:

  • From Bangalore SBC to Trivandrum (KCVL) 16316 Kochuveli: Rs.1110 (Rs.975)
  • From Kolkata Sealdah SDAH to New Jalpaiguri NJP Darjeeling Mail: Rs.910 (Rs.805)
  • From Mumbai Dadar DR to Chennai Central MAS 12163 Superfast: Rs.1485 (Rs.1305)
  • From Mangalore MAQ to Mumbai Kurla LTT Matsyagandha: Rs.1420 (Rs.1250)
  • From Hyderabad HYB to Bangalore City SBC 12785 Superfast: Rs.970 (Rs.855)
  • From New Delhi NDLS to Goa Madgaon MAO Goa Express: Rs.2015 (Rs.1765)

New (Revised) AC 2 tier (Second AC) Ticket Costs:

  • From Chennai Central MAS to Hyderabad HYB Charminar: Rs.1590 (Rs.1400)
  • From Ernakulam Jn ERS to New Delhi NDLS Kerala Express: Rs.3375 (Rs.2955)
  • From Delhi Sarai Rohilla DEE to Jaipur JP Mandor Express: Rs.820 (Rs.725)
  • From Mumbai CSTM to Bangalore SBC Udyan Express: Rs.1795 (Rs.1730)
  • From Mumbai BCT to Jammu Tawi JAT Swaraj Express: Rs.2795 (Rs.2490)

New (Revised) AC 1st Class (First AC) Fares:

  • From Bangalore SBC to New Delhi NDLS Karnataka Express: Rs.5380 (Rs.4710)
  • From Chennai Central MAS to Kolkata Howrah HWH Coromandel: Rs.4335 (Rs.3800)
  • From Kolkata Howrah HWH to Mumbai CSTM Jnaneshwari Super Deluxe: Rs.4860 (Rs.4255)

Revised Fare Rates for Indian Railways’ Premium Trains


  • Distance Travelable on minimum fare rate: 300 km.
  • Minimum fares: Rajdhani AC 3 Tier: Rs.500; Rajdhani AC 2 Tier: Rs.710; Rajdhani AC First Class: Rs.1205.

New/Revised Rajdhani and Duronto Express Fares for all Classes:

  • Revised Duronto Sleeper fare from Nagpur NGP to Mumbai CST: Rs.490 (Rs.430)
  • Revised AC 3 Tier Rajdhani/Duronto fare from Guwahati GHY to New Delhi NDLS: Rs.2510 (Rs.2255)
  • Revised AC 3 Tier Rajdhani fare from Pune PUNE to Kolkata Howrah HWH: Rs.2650 (Rs.2375)
  • Revised AC 3 tier Rajdhani/Duronto fare from Chennai MAS to New Delhi NDLS: Rs.2700 (Rs.2430)
  • Revised AC 2 Tier Rajdhani/Duronto fare from Kolkata Howrah HWH to New Delhi NDLS: Rs.2860 (Rs.2540)
  • Revised AC 2 tier Duronto fare from Bangalore YPR to Kolkata Howrah HWH: Rs.3630 (Rs.2340)
  • New AC First Class Rajdhani/Duronto fare from Mumbai Central BCT to New Delhi NDLS: Rs.4680 (Rs.4135)
  • New AC First Class Duronto fare from Pune PUNE to Delhi Nizamuddin NZM: Rs.4900 (Rs.4330)


  • Distance Travelable on minimum fare rate: upto 50 km.
  • Minimum Fares: Executive Chair Car: Rs.385 AC Chair Car: Rs.170.

New (Revised) AC Chair Car Ticket Fares for Shatabdi Express Trains:

  • From Kanpur CNB to New Delhi NDLS: Rs.860 (Rs.710)
  • From New Delhi NDLS to Bhopal Jn BPL: Rs.1165 (Rs.1055)
  • From Ludhiana LDH to New Delhi NDLS: Rs.740 (Rs.625)
  • From Ranchi RNC to Kolkata Howrah HWH: Rs.855 (Rs.810)
  • From New Delhi NDLS to Kathgodam KGM: Rs.545 (Rs.600)

New (revised) Executive AC Chair Car Fares (First AC) for Shatabdi Express Trains:

  • From Bangalore SBC to Chennai Central MAS: Rs.1510 (Rs.1360)
  • From Chandigarh CDG to New Delhi NDLS: Rs.1190 (Rs.1070)


  • Distance Travelable on minimum fare rate: upto 50 km
  • Minimum Fares: Executive Chair Car: Rs.40 AC Chair Car: Rs.170

New (Revised) Jan Shatabdi Express Second Sitting Rates

  • From Trivandrum TVC to Ernakulam ERN (12076): Rs.120 (Rs.110)
  • From Chennai Central MAS to Vijayawada BZA: Rs.190 (Rs.170)
  • From Bangalore City SBC to Hubli UBL: Rs.200 (Rs.180)
  • From Mumbai Dadar DR to Aurangabad AWB: Rs.170 (Rs.150)
  • From Amritsar ASR to Haridwar HW: Rs.185 (Rs.165)
  • From Kolkata Howrah HWH to Bhubaneshwar BBS: Rs.190 (Rs.170)

 New (Revised) Jan Shatabdi AC Chair Car Fares

  • From Patna PNBE to Kolkata Howrah HWH: Rs.760 (Rs.690)
  • From New Delhi NDLS to Dehradun DDN: Rs.515 (Rs.460)
  • From Mumbai DR to Goa Madgaon MAO: Rs.930 (Rs.825)
  • From Coimbatore CBE to Tiruchchirappalli TPJ: Rs.450 (Rs.400)


  • Distance Travelable on minimum fare rate: upto 100 km
  • Minimum Fares: AC 3 Tier: Rs.150 AC Chair Car: Rs.120

Revised (New) Garib Rath AC 3 Tier Ticket Costs

  • From Secunderabad SC to Visakhapatnam VSKP Rs.720 (Rs.595)
  • From Chandigarh CDG to Jaipur JP: Rs.670 (Rs.595)
  • From Delhi ADVT to Ranchi RCH: Rs.980 (Rs.865)
  • From Ernakulam ERN to Bangalore (YPR): Rs.645 (Rs.570)
  • From Guwahati GHY to Kolkata Howrah HWH: Rs.865 (Rs.765)
  • From Mumbai Bandra Terminus BCT to Ajmer AII: Rs.845 (Rs.745)
  • New Garib Rath AC Chair Car fare from Ernakulam ERN to Kannur CAN: Rs.425 (Rs.325)
  • New Garib Rath AC Chair Car from Delhi Nizamuddin NZM to Mumbai Bandra BCT: Rs.870 (Rs. 770)

To know exact new/revised fares, availability etc between any two or all Indian Railways stations online you can also visit the following links: Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry OR E-RAIL

Was the Rail Fare Hike Necessary?

Yes it was. Indian Railways are among the cheapest methods of travel in the world. Unfortunately, you pay for what you get and hence the services are only so-so because we get the service only for what we pay. The railways are running under huge losses and is barely able sustain itself, forget providing better, faster and cleaner trains and services to its passengers. The great Indian socialist mentality of “everything should be provided free by the government” has to change if we are ever to get somewhere. If we are to have a world-class railway system, we have to pay for it. Else we can be contented with the world’s largest toilet.

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Information provided here is only indicative in nature and please always confirm all information with official sources before relying on them (Contact your nearest railway station or call 139 or visit the official website of Indian Railways). This website is not an official website of the Indian Railways but is run by a railway enthusiast. The official website of the railways is http://indianrailways.gov.in.

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