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Some Durontos to Have Commercial Stoppages!

For quite some time speculations had been flying around fast and thick that Indian Railways’ class of Duronto Expresses would be discontinued. This is why when Central Railway announced that Duronto Expresses owned by…

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Trip Report: 00611 TVC-KJM “Suvidha” Special

Southern Railway had announced that they would run the “Premium”, now renamed Suvidha special train on the same kickass timetable of the 22657/8 Trivandrum – Bangalore City – TVC Premium…

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The Story of the Legendary Big Four of the South

This is the story of some of the most illustrious, famous, prestigious and unique trains running on the Indian Railways’ network. They are not the kingly Rajdhani, the spirited Shatabdi, the…

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Trip Report: 16561 YPR – KCVL AC Express by First AC

As it has been so thoughtfully taught to us by everyone from James Cameron to Vijay Mallya, winners travel First Class while economy is for weiners (It does not matter that…

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The Legend of the Island Express Fail. Part 2

As said in Part 1 (Recommended reading), The Island Express was only the second express train to run from South Kerala and today, a full 50 years later, remains the…

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The Legend of the Island Express. Part 1

If you are one of those gazillion Malayalees who head to/from the hallowed city of Bangalore (Bangloor in Malluspeak), or if you have spent considerable time commuting in the southern…

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