Bangalore Suburban (local) Railway Timetable

Timings and details of commuter trains running on Bengluru's local railway network

South Western Railway has updated the Bangalore suburban or local railway timetable and schedule for short distance and commuter trains running on the railway lines in and around Bengaluru. Most trains that were suspended during the pandemic have been restarted, especially the MEMUs on the Bangarapet line. A few trains notably on the Hosur and Yelanhanka lines have been removed as well. Local trains are a good way of getting around Bengaluru, especially the central, eastern and nothern parts, though not many people know about this. The timetable of those “Bengaluru Suburban” trains is given here, grouped according to the line they run on.

The schedules given here detail all fully unreserved services including all MEMU and some passenger trains running on the Bangalore “Suburban” or Bangalore local railway network in and around Bengaluru. These trains connect Bangalore or Yeshwantpur with suburban areas of Hosur, Bangarapet, Channapatna or Devanahalli, and also with towns of Mysore and Jolarpettai and everywhere in between. All trains mentioned here other than those marked “PASS” charge express fares.

The timetable here was updated on July 29, 2022 and is the latest and as it is currently in force. These timings should be considered to be in force as long as they are announced by SWR.

Bangarapet – Whitefield – Krishnarajapuram – Bengaluru City SBC Main line

This is the most important and most busy railway line in Bangalore that connects some of its biggest transit and office hubs including Majestic (Bangalore City) and Krishnarajapuram. There are quite a few trains running on this line now and it has the vague makings of a proper suburban (local) train system.

Time at origin0445042506300645 0715080014001435152014001730
Bangarapet BWT0520055007040730 08000832 1240143015141550164017001755203021402225
Tyakal TCL0534060607200741 0814 08491253144715291603165417141809204421542237
Byatrayanahalli BFW07280747 — 0856130014541536160917011815
Malur MLO0547062007360754 0828 09041309150115411619171017301822205522062249
Devanagonthi DKN07460804 — 091413191523155216281720173918312257
Whitefield WFD0603063607540812 0846 092310201325153116001636174017481839211122202305
Hoodi Halt HDIH08000818 0852 —102513301536160616421747175618462309
Krishnarajapuram KJM0616070008100834 0900093510331339154416151658175618051852212222302315
Baiyyappanahalli BYPL0622070508170841 090609421039134415531640171018031811191321282321
Bangalore East BNCE0629071108250848 091209481044135116021645181018152242
Bangalore Cantt BNC0640073008330855 094009561051135816121652181418222251
KSR Bangalore City SBC072008000900093010301105142016401715184019052305
SMVT Bengaluru     19152145
Banaswadi BAND     2345

Bangalore City – Baiyyappanahalli – Krishnarajapuram – Whitefield – Bangarapet

KSR Bangalore City SBC07000845092009501150122015101730181019352020
Bangalore Cantt BNC0711085609321001115012011231152017421755182119462030
Bangalore East BNCE07180901093710061155120812371526180218271953
Banaswadi BAND1910
SMVT Bengaluru04301920
Baiyyappanahalli BYPL043807260907094410131202121512441533173017511808183319272040
Krishnarajapuram KJM04440731091209501019120812201249153817361755181218371930193320032047
Hoodi Halt HDIH07370916095810251216122612541544174218021818184319351937
Whitefield WFD04550745092310101031122412321259155017471806182318481941194320152058
Devanagonthi DKN075509411039123212431308155617571832185719491951
Malur MLO0510080609481048124112531318160518081825184219071958200020302115
Byatrayanahalli BFW0814095510571300132816131815185019142007
Tyakal TCL0522082210061104125513081332162018231837185819222012201420452131
Bangarapet BWT0540084010251120131013251435164018421855193019582030203121102150
Time at destination09151220141015101715191520402015203021202225

KSR Bengaluru City Baiyyppanahalli / Yeshwantpur – Banaswadi – Hosur Line

This line connects the Hosur region, Sarjapur Road (Carmelaram), and Banaswadi. There are two routes to connect Hosur with Bangalore, one from KSR Bengaluru City (Majestic) via Bangalore Cantonment and Baiyyappanahalli, and one from Yeshwantpur via Hebbal and Banaswadi. Both lines join just after Baiyyappanahalli station. Timings for both routes are detailed in this table here.

0659106577063931621106277 0627806592162120639406578
0730 1830Bangalore City SBC08101930
0740 1840Bangalore Cantt BNC0738 1903
0746 1845Bangalore East BNCE07301855
0610 15001555 Yeshwantpur YPR0950 11151920 
0619 1605 Lottegollahalli LOGH0934 1026 
0624 15161611 Hebbal HEB0928 10051843 
0636 15271618 Banaswadi BAND0917 09491834 
0752 1851Baiyyappanahalli BYPL07251848
065708041536 16361901Bellandur Road BLRR07090856093318191837
070308111544 16431911Carmelaram CRLM07040850092518101831
071308191554 16531923Heelalige HLE06550840091318011822
072308271604 17031930Anekal Road AEK06450830090017511813
075008401630 17111940Hosur HSRA06350815084517401801

Bangalore City – Channapatna – (Mysore) – Channapatna – Bangalore City

02050445090009401300153516501900KSR Bengaluru City SBC08150905110013201655180523050115
0454090309481542Krishnadevaraya Halt KNDV08040822115516151749
021905010909095415511915Nayandahalli NYH075708161138161017420039
05040913095815551919Jnana Bharati Halt GNB07530813113316031738
02250510091810041320160017111925Kengeri KGI07480810101411281600173322200031
023505200928101416121935Hejjala HJL073808011119155017230021
02420526093410211335161817271941Bidadi BID07300755095611111544171522010014
05340942102816261949Ketohalli KHLL07220747110315381707
02540545095110361348163417411957Ramanagaram RMGM07150739094210561531170121260002
0305101510451359164417522008Channapatna CPT0728092910451521165021122351
051512451615183519402210Mysore MYS060508100905134519502220

Bangalore City – Baiyyppanahalli / Yeshwantpur – Kodigehalli – Yelahanka – KIAD Line

These are the trains on the line north between Bangalore and Yelahanka. At Yelahanka the line splits into two and one branch heads to Anantapur while the other branch famously goes towards the new Bangalore Airport, Devanahalli and onwards to Kolar via Chintamani in a great semicircle. This table shows all those timings.

Bangalore Airport (KIAL) Railway: South Western Railway runs five daily trains between Bangalore City (Majestic) and/or Bangalore Cantonment railway stations to/via the Bangalore international airport (KIAL/BIAL). These trains stop at a station called Kempegowda Interational Airport station (KIAD) which is around 10 km away from the terminals on the highway near the “trumpet” interchange flyover. Shuttle buses are run between the airport and the station. Timings/schedules are given below.

  • Train Schedule from Bangalore to KIAL Airport: 0455, 0835, 1000 (YPR), 1220, 1600, 1810.
  • Train Schedule from KIAL Airport to Bangalore: 0822, 0858, 1237 (YPR), 1408, 1608, 1959.

There are a couple of trains that run only until Yelahanka too. It takes around an hour thereabouts to reach the KIAL airport from Bangalore City railway station via these MEMU trains. None of these trains run on Sundays.

Please note that this is not on a dedicated airport line or a dedicated airport service but only trains run by SWR on the Yelahanka – Chikballapur line. Of course, what Bangalore actually needs is a fully fledged, dedicated “Airport Express system” with dedicated trains directly to the airport.

04550825 0835 1745 1810KSR Bangalore City SBC0910093518002120
05040835 084512201600  Bangalore Cantt BNC  10101515174017262049
0841 0852  Bangalore East BNCE  17111717
05140847090012301610  Baiyyappanahalli BYPL  09381448170417102039
08530907  Channasandra CSDR  16581703
  0935100017581821Yeshwantpur YPR085209151415 1910
  101018071829Lottegollahalli LOGH083509031328  —
  0947101318101833Kodigehalli KDGH083008591324 1831
05350745091009230958102112521633182018431915Yelahanka YNK07000821085009161315142616421657182018222017
0935 1853Bettahalasoor TLS 08341620
0940 1900Dodjala DJL 08281614
061008030948104513201656 19081935KIAD (Airport)06390822085812371408160818001959
06200956105513401725 19151945Devanahalli DHL06300813085012301400155917501950
 1245 2130Kolar (via Chintamani) 06151400 

Please note the details listed here are only indicative in nature and should not be considered an official source whatsoever. Please always confirm all information with official sources. Contact your nearest railway station or call 139 or visit the official website of Indian Railways. This is not an official website of the Indian Railways at all but is run by a railway enthusiast who has no connection with the Indian Railways. The official website of the Indian Railways is http://indianrailways.gov.in.

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