New Timetable for 2015-16: South Western Railway

South Western Railway (SWR) presiding mostly over the state of Karnataka has announced the revised timetable for its trains for 2015-16 to appear in the new Trains at a Glance for this year. All new timings and other changes will come into force on October 1 2015, or for the first trip the train makes after October 1.

The biggest, groundbreaking change here is that there are no new trains to be announced and “Date of inauguration will be announced later” timetables to be declared, thanks to the most sensible policy change of the Indian Railways for quite some decades of not using the budget to announce a gazillion new trains on the already overcrowded tracks. Other than that, there is nothing disruptive, drastic or blockbuster in the new timetables. Just the usual fare of speeding up or slowing down trains by 5-10 minutes. Disappointing.

It is another fact that SWR has stunned everyone by announcing changes to its timetable first, unlike most other years when it always is the last to announce new timetable changes. Click on the train numbers to know detailed new timetables etc.

New Trains Created by Joining Existing Trains

57641/57642 Solapur – Gadag – Solapur Passenger (SWR)

This train will be created by combining the 57641/57642 Solapur-Bagalkot-Solapur Passenger and 57643/57644 Bagalkot-Gadag-Bagalkot Passenger into a single train, called “amalgamation”. The timetable of the new passenger is slightly different from the existing one.

  • 57641 departs Solapur SUR at 1150, Vijapura (Bijapur) BJP at 1405, Bagalkot BGKT at 1700, arrives Gadag GDG: 1940 everyday.
  • 57642 departs Gadag GDG at 0200, Bagalkot 0415, Vijapura (Bijapur) BJP at 0630, arrives Solapur SUR at 0930 everyday.

All stoppages and composition will remain the same.

Change in Terminals of Trains at Bangalore

The following trains will now terminate/start from Bangalore Cantonment with revised timings instead of from their present terminals. Rest of the timetable including stoppages remain the same.

12510/12509 Bangalore – Guwahati – Bangalore Kaziranga Triweekly Express (NFR)

  • 12510 will now arrive at Bangalore Cantt. BNC at 1140 instead of at 1150 at Bangalore City SBC.
  • 12509 will depart from Bangalore Cantt. BNC at 2330 instead of at 2340 from Bangalore City SBC.

12845/12846 Bhubaneswar – Yeshwantpur – Bhubaneswar Weekly Express (ECoR)

  • 12845 will now arrive at Bangalore Cantonment BNC at 1050 instead of at 111o at Yeshwantpur YPR.
  • 12846 will now depart from Bangalore Cantt BNC at 0820 instead of at 0800 from Yeshwantpur YPR.

18637/18638 Hatia – Yeshwantpur – Hatia Weekly Express (SER)

  • 18637 will now arrive at Bangalore Cantt BNC at 0430 instead of at 0500 at Yeshwantpur YPR.
  • 18638 will now depart from Bangalore Cantt BNC at 0040 instead of at 0030 from Yeshwantpur YPR.

12295/12295 Bangalore – Patna – Bangalore Sanghamitra Express (SWR)

  • 12295/12296 terminal station will be shifted from Patna Jn PNBE to the brand new Pataliputra PPTA station, also in Patna City (Ambedkar Path, Rajabazar) only.

Major Changes in Timings of Trains in SWR Region

12736/12735 Yeshwantpur – Secunderabad – Yeshwantpur Garib Rath Express (SCR)

Speeded up by two hours after its earlier slowing down by 5 hours had generated considerable outrage.

  • 12736 Garib Rath Express will now depart Yeshwantpur YPR at 1645 (instead of 1330) to arrive at Secunderabad SC at 0500 instead of at 0400.
  • 12735 Garib Rath will now depart Secunderabad SC at 1950 (no changes) to arrive at Yeshwantpur YPR at 0915 instead of at 1115.

16535 Mysore – Solapur Gol Gumbaz Express (SWR)

Speeded up by half an hour, mostly by eliminating the 20 minutes of stoppage time in Bangalore.

  • 16535 Gol Gumbaz Express will depart Mysore MYS at 1600 (instead of 1530), PANP: 1620, MYA: 1640, MAD: 1655, CPT: 1715, RMGM: 1725, BID: 1738, KGI: 1755, SBC: 1900, YPR: 1915, TK: 2035, BJP: 1025.

16206 Mysuru – Talaguppa Intercity Express (SWR)

  • 16206 Talaguppa Intercity Express will depart from Mysore MYS at 0550 (instead of 0600), ASK: 0845, arrives at TLGP: 1330.

11006/11022 Puducherry/Tirunelveli – Dadar Chalukya Expresses (CR)

Slowed down by half an hour, the woes of Bangalore – Mumbai trains continue.

  • 11006 and 11022 Chalukya expresses will depart Yeshwantpur YPR at 0630 (instead of at 0700), TK: 0732, TTR: 0842, ASK: 0915, DRU: 0950, RRB: 1005, DVG: 1145, HRR: 1205, RNR: 1230, HVR: 1302, UBL: 1515, DWR: 1540, AWR: 1620 >> Present Timetable.

11036 Mysore – Mumbai Dadar Central Sharavati Express (CR)

  • 11036 Sharavati express will depart Mysore MYS at 0605 (instead of at 0630), KRNR: 0640, HLN: 0730, HAS: 0800, ASK: 0915, DRU: 0950 , RRB: 1005, DVG: 1145, HRR: 1205, RNR: 1230, HVR: 1302, UBL: 1515, DWR: 1540, AWR: 1620 >> Present Timetable.

51458 Dharwad – Hubballi Passenger (SWR)

Timings have been ridiculously advanced by an entire hour into late in the night.

  • 51458 UBL Passenger will now leave Dharwad at 2205 everyday instead of 2105 and arrive at Hubli UBL at 2245 instead of 2150.

Timing changes of more trains other than these above are mostly cosmetic and are given below:

Change in Timings of Trains at Bangalore and Yeshwantpur

Train NoTrain NameStationOld TimingsNew TimingsChangeStationNew
16515Karwar ExpYPR06300700-30ASK1005
16315Kochuveli ExpSBC17151700+15KJM1725
17235Nagercoil ExpSBC17001715-15HSRA1825
11302Udyan ExpSBC20302045-15
16024Rajya Rani ExpYPR13001315-15
56262Arakkonam PassSBC08450915-30
56213Tirupati FPSBC20302045-15
16571Bidar ExpYPR19151900+15
12649Sampark KrantiYPR22002210-10
22691 22693Rajdhani ExpressSBC20202000+20
56508Marikuppam FPSBC18051800+5

Change in Timings of Trains at Mysore

Train NoToOld DepNew DepChange
16206Talaguppa Express06000550+10
56204Chamarajanagar Pass07300720+10
56281 Bengaluru Passenger08450900-15
56270Shivamogga Town Pass10051020-15
56214Chamarajanagar Pass10551040+15
56216Shravanabelagola Pass11101125-15
16232Myladuthurai Exp16001530+30
56268Arsikere Passenger18351820+15
Train NoTrainOld ArrNew ArrChange
56233Bengaluru-Mysore Pass08300800+30
56205Nanjangud - MYS Pass10501110-20
56232Bengaluru-Mysore Pass12301250-20
16558Rajya Rani Express13151330-15
56215Shravanabelagola - MYS Pass19252000-35
56209Chamarajanagar - MYS Pass19451950-5
56201Chamarajanagar - MYS Pass22252230-5

Change in Timings of Trains at Arsikere/Shimoga

Train NoTrain NameStationOld TimingsNew TimingsChange
56273Hubli PassArsikere04450450-5
56224Bangalore PassArsikere05050500+5
16202Bangalore ExpShimoga Town06400635+5
16515Karwar ExpArsikere09451005-20
56269Mysore PassArsikere12401235+5
56270MYS-SMET PassShimoga Town1635 A1645 A+10
56268MYS-ASK PassArsikere2250 A2230 A-20
16505 16507 16209Gandhidham - Bangalore BhagatkiKothi - Bangalore Ajmer - MysoreArsikere23152255+20

Change in Timings of Trains at Hubli/Miraj

Train NoTrain NameStationOld TimingNew TimingChange
51412Ballari PassengerHubli08000745+15
56912Bangalore PassengerHubli17201730-10
16505Gandhidham - BangaloreHubli17401710+30
16507Bhagat ki Kothi - BangaloreHubli17401710+30
16209Ajmer - MysoreHubli17401710-+30
11048Miraj ExpressHubli23002330-30
11304KOP-Hyderabad ExpressMiraj09150900-15
51462BGM-Miraj PassengerMiraj0855 A0910 A+15
16590Rani Chennamma ExpMiraj15451535+10
57453Guntakal PassengerBellary14251405+20

Information provided here is only indicative in nature and please always confirm all information with official sources before relying on them (Contact your nearest railway station or call 139 or visit the official website of Indian Railways). This website is not an official website of the Indian Railways but is run by a railway enthusiast. The official website of the railways is

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