New Timetable Changes for 2015-16: Western Railway

Western Railway has released their new railway timetable for the year 2015-16 to be in effect from October 01 2015, and in a huge surprise, almost all of their trains have been speeded up dramatically, from 10 minutes to 150 minutes, 13 trains among them having shaved off more than an hour off their running time! A spectacular and stunning achievement, when most zones in India have increased the running time of their trains. Western Railway is what all of Indian Railways must be! Big applause to the management!

This drastic speeding up of trains has been achieved by WR’s commitment at improving running infrastructure of their lines, and now the Virar – Ahmedabad and Virar – Godhra sections have been upgraded to support speeds upto 130 kph MPS (Maximum Permissible Speed), which is how all these trains could be speeded up. WR is reportedly working to increase these speeds to 160 kph, which is the maximum possible with our current rakes and tracks. Here are the details. Click the train numbers to view detailed new timings to come into force from October 01 2015. NOTE: This is only about mainline trains and do not include timetable changes for Western Railway Local trains of Mumbai.

“Elite” Trains Speeded Up on Western Railway

12951/12952 Mumbai Central – New Delhi – Mumbai Central Rajdhani Express (WR)

Speeded up by 20 minutes either side, now covering the 1635 km distance in just 15:35 hours, at a record average speed of 88 kilometers per hour, not just making it easily the fastest train in India.

  • 12951 Delhi Rajdhani new (old) Timetable: Departs BCT: 1700 (1635), BVI: 1734 (1708), ST: 1958 (1942), BRC: 2128 (2117), RTM: 0040 (0040), KOTA: 0325 (0325), arrives NDLS: 0835 (0835).
  • 12952 Mumbai Rajdhani new (old) Timetable: Departs NDLS: 1625 (1625), KOTA: 2105 (2105), RTM: 0005 (0005), BRC: 0334 (0341), ST: 0503 (0518), BVI: 0731 (0751), arrives BCT: 0815 (0835).

12009/12010 Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad – Mumbai Central Shatabdi Express (WR)

Speeded up by 20 minutes on either side.

  • 12009 Mumbai Shatabdi now departs BCT: 0625, arrives ADI; 1245.
  • 12010 Ahmedabad Shatabdi now departs ADI: 1440, arrives BCT; 2120.

12954 Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin – Mumbai Central August Kranti Rajdhani Express (WR)

  • 12954 Mumbai August Kranti Rajdhani new (old) timetable: Departs NZM: 1650 (1650), arrives BCT: 0945 (1000). Speeded up by 15 min. No change in the timetable for other stoppages. or for 12955.

Here are the timetable changes for other trains on the WR sectors

Speeded up Trains towards Mumbai side from Gujarat

[ws_table id=”28″]

Speeded up Trains towards the East from Surat side

[ws_table id=”29″]

Speeded up Trains towards Ahmedabad/Vadodara from Mumbai Side

[ws_table id=”30″]

NOTE: 19311/19312 Pune – Indore – Pune Express will be converted to Superfast and renumbered 22943/22944.

Speeded up Trains towards ADI/BRC from East going via Surat

[ws_table id=”31″]

New Trains Introduced by Western Railway

19063/19064 Surat Udhna – Patna Danapur – Surat Udhna Biweekly Express (WR)

  • 19063 Danapur Express from Surat Udhna UDN to Patna Danapur DNR runs on all Tuesdays, Saturdays. Full Schedule: Departs UDN: 0720 (Tu, Sa), NDB: 0950, JL: 1245, BSL: 1320, KNW: 1525, ET: 1805, PPI: 1920, JBP: 2200, KTE: 2320, STA: 0050 (W, Su), MKP: 0242, ALD: 0510, GYN: 0640, BSB: 0815, MGS: 0925, BXR: 1038, ARA: 1132, arrives DNR: 1335 (W, Su).
  • 19064 Udhna Express from Patna Danapur DNR to Surat Udhna ST runs on all Sundays, Wednesdays. Full Timetable: Departs DNR: 1640 (Su, W), ARA: 1714, BXR: 1800, MGS: 2012, BSB: 2115, GYN: 2222, ALD: 0055 (M, Th), MKP: 0252, STA: 0420, KTE: 0540, JBP: 0725, PPI: 1032, ET: 1215, KNW: 1500, BSL: 1710, JL: 1805, NDB: 2045, arrives UDN: 2340 (Su, W).

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 02 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleeper Coaches, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLR (17 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Nandurabar, Jalgaon Jn., Bhusaval Jn., Khandwa Jn., Itarsi Jn., Pipariya, Jabalpur Jn., Katni Jn., Satna Jn., Manikpur Jn., Allahabad Jn., Gyanpur Road, Varanasi Jn., Mughalsarai Jn., Buxar, Ara Jn.


Information provided here is only indicative in nature and please always confirm all information with official sources before relying on them (Contact your nearest railway station or call 139 or visit the official website of Indian Railways). This website is not an official website of the Indian Railways but is run by a railway enthusiast. The official website of the railways is http://indianrailways.gov.in.

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