New Timetable for 2015-16: Central Railway

Central Railway (CR) zone, in charge of much of the state of Maharashtra and also operator of the Central suburban line for Mumbai has announced the changes that would reflect in its new railway timetable which came into effect from October 01 2015. Unlike the years before, there are no new trains, new route extensions (except one that was announced long back and implemented only now and two trains introduced later without budgetary annoucements) or new increase in frequency announced this year. This enabled the railways to focus on improving their existing services instead of trying to add more and more to the unsustainable mess. This has resulted in a rather sedate timetable with no much changes. Here are what is new in this years Indian Railways timetable 2015-16 for Central Railway. Click on the train number to view full details, seat availability etc.


11085/11086 Mumbai LTT – Madgaon – Mumbai LTT Triweekly AC Double Decker Express (CR)

  • 11085 Goa AC Double Decker (normal) Express will run from Mumbai Kurla Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT to Madgaon MAO Goa on all Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays. Full Timetable: Departs LTT: 0530 (Su, W, F), TNA: 0555, PNVL: 0645, ROHA: 0825, KHED: 1000, CHI: 1035, RN: 1150, KKW: 1340, SWV: 1440, THVM: 1510, KRMI: 1535, arrives MAO: 1730 (Su, W, F).
  • 11086 Mumbai AC Double Decker (normal) Express will run from Madgaon MAO Goa to Mumbai Kurla Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT on all Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays. Full Schedule: Departs: MAO: 0600 (M, Th, Sa), KRMI: 0630, THVM: 0655, SWV: 0727, KKW: 0820, RN: 1020, CHI: 1140, KHED: 1210, ROHA: 1405, PNVL: 1530, TNA: 1620, arrives LTT: 1710 (M, Th, Sa).

Coach Composition: 08 AC LHB Double Decker coaches, 02 EOGs (10 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Thane, Panvel, Roha, Khed, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Kankavali, Sawantwadi Road, Thivim, Karmali.

Change in Timings and Days of Service

17613/17614 Pune – Hazur Sahib Nanded – Pune Triweekly Express (SCR)

Date of effect: December 17 2015.

  • 17614 Express will depart from NS Nanded NED at 2030 on Saturdays (Mondays), Wednesdays, Fridays to arrive at PUNE at 0920 (1100).
  • 17613 Express will depart from PUNE at 1955 on Sundays (Tuesdays), Thursdays, Saturdays.

Extension of Service Route of Existing Trains

12072/12071 Aurangabad – Mumbai Dadar Central – Aurangabad Jan Shatabdi (CR)

Extended to Jalna J from Aurangabad AWB. No intermediate stops in extended portion. New Timetable:

  • 12072 Departs Jalna J at 0445 everyday to arrive/depart Aurangabad AWB at 0540/0600 to arrive at Mumbai Dadar Central DR at 1230.
  • 12071 Departs Mumbai Dadar Central DR at 1400 daily to arrive/depart at Aurangabad AWB at 2010 (2035)/2015 (2040) and arrive at Jalna J at 2130.

New Timetable of CR Durontos after Provision for New Stoppages

All Duronto stoppages will come into effect from January 01 2016. Booking has commenced.

12223/12224 Mumbai LTT – Ernakulam – Mumbai LTT Biweekly AC Duronto (CR)

  • 12223 ERS AC Duronto will depart Mumbai Kurla LTT: 2030 (Th, Sa), Ratnagiri RN: 0200 (F, Su), Madgaon MAO: 0555, Mangalore Jn. MAJN: 1025, Kozhikode CLT: 1350, arrives Ernakulam Jn. ERS: 1750 (F, Su).
  • 12224 LTT AC Duronto will depart Ernakulam Jn. ERS: 2130 (F, Su), Kozhikode: 0055 (Sa, M), Mangalore Jn. MAJN: 0435, Madgaon MAO: 0855, Ratnagiri RN: 1245, arrives Mumbai LTT: 1815 (Sa, M).

12289/12290 Mumbasi CST – Nagpur – Mumbai CST Daily Duronto Express (CR)

  • 12289 NGP Duronto will depart Mumbai CSTM: 2015, Igatpuri IGP: 2230, Bhusaval BSL: 0205, arrives Nagpur NGP: 0720.
  • 12290 CSTM Duronto will depart Nagpur NGP: 2040, Bhusaval BSL: 0125, Igatpuri IGP: 0515, arrives Mumbai CSTM: 0755.

12293/12294 Mumbai LTT – Allahabad – Mumbai LTT Biweekly AC Duronto Express (CR)

  • 12293 ALD AC Duronto will depart Mumbai Kurla LTT at 1725 (Mo, Fr), Igatpuri IGP at 1930, Bhusaval BSL at 2305, Satna STA at 0850 (Tu, Sa), arrive Allahabad ALD at 1235 (Tu, Sa).
  • 12294 LTT AC Duronto will depart Allahabad at 1930 (Tu, Sa), Satna STA at 2220, Bhusaval BSL at 0905 (W, Su), Igatpuri IGP at 1235, arrives Mumbai Kurla LTT at 1450 (W, Su).

12298/12297 Pune – Ahmedabad – Pune Triweekly AC Duronto Express (CR)

  • 12298 ADI Duronto will depart Pune PUNE at 2135 (M, Th, Sa), Lonavala LNL: 2220, arrives Ahmedabad ADI: 0615 (Tu, F, Su).
  • 12297 PUNE Duronto will depart Ahmedabad ADI: 2230 (Su, Tu, F), Lonavala LNL: 0607 (M, W, Sa), arrives PUNE: 0710 (M, W, Sa).

Other Stoppages for Durontos applicable within CR Territory

  • 12219 LTT-SC AC Duronto departs PUNE: 0215
  • 12220 SC-LTT AC Duronto departs PUNE: 0757
  • 12221 PUNE-HWH Duronto departs Daund DD: 1635, Manmad MMR: 2033, Bhusaval BSL: 2255, Nagpur NGP: 0415.
  • 12222 HWH-PUNE Duronto departs Nagpur NGP: 2325, Bhusaval BSL: 0347, Manmad MMR: 0558, Daund DD: 1015.
  • 12261 CSTM-HWH Duronto departs Igatpuri IGP: 1930, Bhusaval BSL: 2305, Nagpur NGP: 0415.
  • 12262 HWH-CSTM Duronto departs Nagpur NGP: 2325, Bhusaval BSL: 0347, Igatpuri IGP: 0745.

Change in Timings of Some Central Railway Trains at Major Stations

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More Details Will be Added Later.


Information provided here is only indicative in nature and please always confirm all information with official sources before relying on them (Contact your nearest railway station or call 139 or visit the official website of Indian Railways). This website is not an official website of the Indian Railways but is run by a railway enthusiast. The official website of the railways is http://indianrailways.gov.in.

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