New Timetable, Trains 2013-14 – North Eastern Railway

The North Eastern Railway (NER) zone of the Indian Railways serves the states of Uttarakhand, northern Uttar Pradesh and northern Bihar and is headquartered at Gorakhpur UP. Its jurisdiction runs from Kathgodam (UK) in the North to Kanpur (UP) in the South, Mathura (UP) in the West to Chhapra (BH) in the East and from Nautanwa in the north near the border with Nepal to Allahabad and Varanasi in the South. A rather spread-out zone, it surrounds the Lucknow division of the Northern Railway. The divisions under NER are Izzat Nagar, Lucknow and Varanasi. A large chunk of its lines are under gauge conversion from Meter Gauge to Broad Gauge.

The changes pertaining to North Eastern Railway as per the Trains at a Glance (TAAG) timetable 2013-14. Click on the train number for detailed timetable.

Trains Substantially Speeded up in NER

12492 Jammu Tawi – Muzaffarpur Maur Dhwaj Express (Saturday)

15904 Chandigarh – Dibrugarh Express (Thursday)

  • Departs from Jammu Tawi at 2010 instead of 2015
  • Arrives/departs at Gonda Jn at 1430/1435 instead of 1440/1445
  • Arrives/departs at Gorakhpur Jn at 1730/1745 instead of 1800/1815
  • Arrives/departs at Siwan Jn at 1940/1945 instead of 2025/2030
  • Arrives/departs at Chhapra Jn at 2105/2115 instead of 2145/2155
  • Arrives at Muzaffarpur at 2350 instead of 0030.

Revised Departure Timings of Trains from Gorakhpur

Trains departing at 0635 instead of 0645 (10 minutes earlier)

  • 12511 Gorakhpur – Trivandrum Raptisagar Express (Sun, Thu, Fri)
  • 12589 Gorakhpur – Secunderabad Express (Wednesday)
  • 12591 Gorakhpur – Bangalore Express (Saturday)
  • 15015 Gorakhpur – Yeshwantpur Express (Monday)
  • 12521 Barauni – Ernakulam Raptisagar Express (Tuesday)

Trains departing at 1110 instead of 1120 (10 minutes earlier)

  • 19269 Porbandar – Muzaffarpur Express (Sun, Sat)
  • 12212 Delhi Anand Vihar T – Muzaffarpur Garib Rath Express (Thursday)

Trains departing at 1130 instead of 1135 (5 minutes earlier)

  • 18202 Nautanwa – Durg Express (Sun, Fri)
  • 15108 Mathura – Chhapra Express (Tue, Thu, Sat)
  • 15022 Gorakhpur – Shalimar Express (Monday)

Trains departing at 1615 instead of 1630 (15 minutes earlier)

  • 15212 Amritsar – Darbhanga Daily Jan Nayak unreserved Express

Extension of Service Routes of Existing Trains

15159/15160 Chhapra – Durg – Chhapra Sarnath Daily Express

  • Extended from both ends – to Gondia (Maharashtra, SECR) from Durg and to Muzaffarpur from Chhapra.
  • Train Numbers will be changed to 15229/15230 and transferred to ECR.
  • Stoppages on the extended portion: Sonpur and Hajipur on the Chhapra – MFR section and Amgaon, Dongargarh and Rajnandgaon on the Durg – Gondia stretch.
  • Timings on the extended portion:
  • 15229 (15159) will depart from Muzaffarpur at <TBA> everyday, arrive/depart Chhapra at 0710/0720 and will reach Durg the next day at 0730 and Gondia at 1115.
  • 15230 (15160) will depart from Gondia at 1730 everyday, arrive/depart Durg at 2015/2030 and Chhapra 2140/2150 the next day to finally reach Muzaffarpur at 0025.
  • Will be now 15229/15230 Gondia – Muzaffarpur – Gondia Sarnath Express

15097/15098 Barauni – Jammu Tawi – Barauni Amarnath Express

  • Extended to Bhagalpur (Bihar, Eastern Railway) from Barauni.
  • Stoppages on the extended portion: Kiul, Sultanganj, Jamalpur, Abhaipur.

New Trains Announced for North Eastern Railway (NER) for 2013-14

15117/15118 Chhapra – Durg – Chhapra Daily Express

Timings and Days of Service

  • 15117 will leave Chhapra everyday at 1540, Varanasi at 2135, Katni at 0700, Raipur at 1510 to arrive at Durg at 1615.
  • 15118 will leave Durg everyday at 2315, Raipur at 0015, Katni at 0950, Varanasi at 1940 to arrive at Chhapra at 0220.

Route and Stops: Ballia, Ghazipur City, Aunrihar, Jaunpur, Varanasi Jn, Mirzapur, Vindhyanchal, Chheoki, Sankargarh, Manikpur, Satna, Maihar, Katni, Umaria, Sahdol, Anuppur, Pendra Road, Usalapur, Bhatpara, Raipur.

15025/15026 Mau – Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus – Mau Bi-Weekly Express

Timings and Days of Service

  • 15025 will leave Mau Jn (UP) at 1810 every Sunday and Thursday to arrive at Delhi Anand Vihar at 1340 the next day, Monday and Friday.
  • 15026 will leave Delhi Anand Vihar every Monday and Friday at 2315 to arrive at Mau at 1730 the next day, Tuesday and Saturday.

Route and Stops: Azamgarh, Shahganj, Akbarpur, Faizabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Aligarh.

15115/15116 Chhapra – Delhi – Chhapra Weekly Express

Timings and Days of Service

  • 15115 will leave Chhapra at 1115 every Saturday to arrive at Delhi at 1050 the next day Sunday.
  • 15116 will leave Delhi at 1350 every Sunday to arrive at Chhapra at 1320 the next day Monday.

Route and Stops: Ballia, Ghazipur City, Yusufpur, Aunrihar, Dobhi, Jaunpur, Shahganj, Faizabad, Lucknow, Hardoi, Shahjahanpur, Chandausi, Moradabad, Amroha, Hapur, Ghaziabad, Delhi Shahadra.


Introduction of all these trains will be notified later. Please always confirm all information with official sources before relying on them. This website is not an official website of the Indian Railways but is run by a railfan. The official website of the railways is http://indianrailways.gov.in.

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