New Trains in 2013-14 Timetable – East Coast Railway

East Coast Railway (ECoR) headquartered at Bhubaneshwar is one of Indian Railways’ newest zones. ECoR is in charge of all of Odisha (Orissa) state and the northern districts of Andhra Pradesh. Its divisions are Bhubansheswar, Sambalpur and the famous Waltair division headquartered at Vishakhapatnam.

Here are the new trains announced for ECoR in the 2013-14 timetable. All the trains are weekly expresses and the good part is that most of them run through the newly constructed/converted interior routes rather than overcrowded mainlines.

22805/22806 Bhubaneshwar – New Delhi – Bhubaneshwar Weekly Superfast Express

  • 22805 will leave Bhubaneshwar at 1245 every Saturday to reach New Delhi at 2050 every Sunday.
  • 22806 will leave NDLS at 0700 every Monday to reach BBS at 1630 every Tuesday.

Stoppages: Dhenkanal, Talcher Road, Angul, Sambalpur City, Jharsuguda Jn, Rourkela Jn, Chakradharpur, Muri, Bokaro Steel City, Netaji SC Bose Gomoh Jn, Gaya Jn, Mughalsarai, Allahabad, Kanpur Central.

Composition: TBA

We have a winner here! This one will join the likes of the legendary Purushottam Express and other existing trains between Bhubaneshwar and New Delhi. and will runs through Orissa via Sambalpur and Rourkela following the route of the tri-weekly Rajdhani. The schedule is well thought out with only four stops on the mainline between Gomoh and Delhi but lots of stops since then. This train will inevitably be heavily subscribed to and will have to be made a daily sooner or later. It can become one of ECoR’s prestigious flagship trains. Suggested name: the Odisha Superfast Express.

22879/22880 Bhubaneshwar – Tirupati – Bhubaneshwar Weekly Superfast Express

  • 22879 will leave Bhubaneshwar at 1200 on Saturdays to arrive/depart Visakhapatnam at 1900/1920 to reach Tirupati at 0925 the next day (Sunday).
  • 22880 will leave TPTY at 1245 on Sundays to arrive/depart VSKP at 0200/0220 and to reach BBS at 1010 the next day Monday.

Stoppages: TBA

Composition: TBA

This train will take the slot and timings of the existing 22871/22872 BBS – TPTY – BBS Express which has been pushed to another day. Wonder why they didn’t just announce the train as a bi-weekly for the existing train?

18407/18408 Puri – Sai Nagar Shirdi – Puri Weekly Express

Started Running from August 11 2013 from PURI and from August 13 2013 from SNSI

  • 18407 will leave Puri Orissa on Fridays at 2215 to arrive/depart Nagpur at 1940/1950 the next day (Sat) and arrives at Sai Nagar Shirdi Maharashtra (CR) at 0825 the third day (Monday)
  • 18408 will leave SNSI at 1300 on Sundays to arrive/depart NGP at 0140/0155 the next day (Mon) and arrives at PURI at 2300 on Mondays, the next day of departure.

Stoppages: Khurda Road, Bhubaneswar, Mancheswar, Dhenkanal, Talcher Road, Angul, Boinda, Sambalpur, Bargarh Road, Bolangir, Titilagarh Jn, Kantabanji, Khariar Road, Mahasamund, Raipur, Durg, Gondia, Nagpur, Wardha, Badnera, Akola, Bhusaval, Manmad, Kopergaon.

Composition: ONE AC 2 tier, 03 AC 3 tier, 09 Sleeper Coaches, 01 Pantry Car, 06 General Second Class, 02 SLR (22 coaches)

Good train connecting two pilgrimage destinations and is surprisingly a long train for a weekly with 22 coaches as they must be expecting heavy loads. Chances are that its frequency will be increased shortly.

18501/18502 Visakhapatnam – Gandhidham – Visakhapatnam Weekly Express

  • 18501 will depart Visakhapatnam AP at 1735 every Thursday to arrive/depart Vijayawada at 0001/0015, Balharshah at 0810/0820, Bhusaval at 1545/1600, Ahmedabad at 0335/0355 to arrive at Gandhidham BG Gujarat (WR) at 0950 the third day (Saturday).
  • 18502 will depart GIMB at 2245 on Sundays to arrive/depart ST at 0815/0830, BPQ at 2315/2325, BZA at 0720/0740 to arrive at VSKP at 1435 the third day (Tuesday).

Route and Stoppages: Samalkot, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Khammam, Warangal, Ramagundam, Sirpur Kaghaznagar, Balharshah, Wardha, Badnera, Akola, Bhusaval, Jalgaon, Nandurbar, Surat, Vadodara, Anand, Ahmedabad, Viramgam.

Composition: ONE AC 2 tier, 03 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleeper Coaches, 06 General Second Class, 02 SLR (18 coaches)

Much needed direct service between Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, it takes the no-nonsense direct electrified double track route. Runs at a respectable 53 kph speed and stops only at big stations which shows it was meant to be a direct service. VSKP is the only halt in ECoR.

18567/18568 Visakhapatnam – Kollam – Visakhapatnam Weekly Express

  • 18567 will depart Visakhapatnam AP at 0900 on Thursdays to arrive/depart Vijayawada at 1500/1510, Salem at 0315/0320, Ernakulam Town at 1037/1042 and arrives at Kollam Kerala (SR) at 1410 the next day Friday.
  • 18568 will depart QLN at 2100 on Fridays to arrive/depart ERN at 0020/0025, SA at 0755/0800, BZA at 1915/1925 and arrives at VSKP at 0135 on the third day on Sundays.

Route and Stoppages: Duvvada, Elamanchili, Samalkot, Rajahmundry, Eluru, Vijayawada, Tenali, Ongole, Nellore, Gudur, Renigunta, Katpadi, Jolarpettai, Salem, Erode, Tiruppur, Coimbatore Main, Palakkad, Thrissur, Ernakulam Town, Kottayam, Chengannur, Kayamkulam.

Composition: ONE AC 2 tier, 02 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleeper Class, 06 General Second, 02 SLRD (17 Coaches)

Kollam gets its first regular terminating express service. This train and time slot had been running as a special for years now and just got regularized now. Lots of stops in Andhra with lesser stops in Kerala which is surprising. Runs fast enough, bad timings from QLN to VSKP.

18573/18574 Visakhapatnam – Jodhpur Bhagat ki Kothi – Visakhapatnam Weekly Express

  • 18573 will depart Visakhapatnam AP at 0535 on Thursdays to arrive/depart Raipur at 1600/1630, Anuppur at 2135/2140, Jaipur at 1550/1600 and arrives at Bhagat ki Kothi Rajasthan (NWR) at 2245 the next day Friday.
  • 18574 will depart BGKT at 1415 on Saturdays to arrive/depart JP at 2015/2025, APR at 1600/1605, R at 2115/2140 to arrive at Vizag at 0820 the third day (Monday).

Route and Stoppages: Vizianagaram, Bobbili, Rayagada, Titlagarh, Raipur, Bhatapara, Usalapur, Pendra Road, Anuppur Jn, Shahdol, Katni Murwara, Damoh, Saugor, Ashok Nagar, Guna, Baran, Kota, Sawai Madhopur, Durgapura, Jaipur, Phulera, Makrana, Degana, Merta Road, Jodhpur.

Composition: ONE AC 2 tier, 02 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleeper Class, 06 General Second, 02 SLRD (17 Coaches)

Weekly express between AP/Orissa and Rajasthan passing through interiors and heartlands of central India.

18515/18516 Tatanagar – Visakhapatnam – Tatanagar Weekly Express

  • 18515 will depart Tatanagar Jharkhand (SER) at 1300 on Mondays to arrive/depart Bhubaneshwar at 2205/2210 to arrive at Visakhapatnam at 0440 the next day Tuesday.
  • 18516 will depart VSKP at 1745 on Sundays to arrive/depart BBS at 0100/0105 and arrives at TATA at 1045 the next day Monday.

Route and Stoppages: Rajkharsawan, Chaibasa, Dangoaposi, Banspani, Kendujhargarh, Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar, Khurda Road, Chatrapur, Brahmapur, Palasa, Vizianagaram.

Rake Composition: TBA

Connects the two industrial hubs of TATA and VSKP though a direct service passing through the Chaibasa branch line rather than the Kharagpur mainline, which is a good thing. The frequency badly needs to be more than once a week.

18421/18422 Puri – Ajmer – Puri Bi-Weekly Express

  • 18421 will leave from Puri Orissa at 2125 on Mondays and Thursdays to arrive/depart Sambalpur at 0510/0520, Nagpur at 1750/1800, Ahmedabad at 1055/1135 and arrives at Ajmer Rajasthan (NWR) at 2110 on the third day on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • 18422 will leave from AII RJ at 1600 on Mondays and Thursdays to arrive/depart ADI at 0210/0230, NGP at 2210/2220, SBP at 1035/1045 and to arrive at PURI at 1845 on the third day on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Route and Stoppages: Khurda Road, Bhubaneshwar, Dhenkanal, Talcher Road, Sambalpur, Balangir, Titlagarh, Raipur, Durg, Gondia, Nagpur, Wardha, Badnera, Akola, Bhusaval, Jalgaon, Amalner, Nandurbar, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Mahesana, Palanpur, Abu Road, Sirohi Road, Falna, Rani, Marwar, Beawar.

Rake Composition: Composition: ONE AC 2 tier, 02 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleeper Class, 06 General Second, 02 SLRD (17 Coaches)

A long, long service taking 50 hours to run its service. However, it seems to be more of two service: Puri – Ahmedabad and ADI – Ajmer as its route makes a “L” on the map. It runs in a straight line across the breadth of India, across the heartland of the country from coast to coast from Puri to Surat, from where it turns north to run in another straight line till Ajmer. It will of course follow the timeslots of two other weeklies.


Information provided here is only indicative in nature and please always confirm all information with official sources before relying on them (Contact your nearest railway station or call 139 or visit the official website of Indian Railways). This website is not an official website of the Indian Railways but is run by a railway enthusiast. The official website of the railways is http://indianrailways.gov.in.

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