New Trains Timetable 2014-15 South Western Railway

NOTE: These are the Timtable changes for 2014-15. For New Timetable Changes for 2015-16 CLICK HERE

“Namma” South Western Railway (SWR) serves almost exclusively the state of Karnataka with a bit of stretches in Tamilnadu, Goa, Telengana/Andhra and Maharashtra. One of the premium zones of Indian Railways with some of the best maintained trains and best operations in the country. SWR has announced a slew of 17 trains to be included in the new 2014-15 all-India timetable of the Indian Railways and a lot of timing changes coming into effect from September 01 2014. Sadly, most trains have been slowed down drastically. Here are those details. Click on the train number to view detailed timetable. Dates of introduction of all new trains will be announced later.

NOTE: These are the Timetable changes for 2014-15. For New Timetable Changes for 2015-16 CLICK HERE

New Premium Trains Announced for South Western Railway

22695/22696 Bangalore Yeshwantpur – Jaipur – Yeshwantpur Weekly Premium AC Express (SWR)

Will start running from December 18 2014. Timetable subject to change.

  • 22695 will run from Bangalore Yeshwantpur YPR on all Thursdays to arrive at Jaipur JP on Thursdays. Timetable: Departs YPR departure: 1130 (Thu), Yadgir YG: 2255, Gulbarga GR: 0108 (Fri), Pune PUNE: 0755, Vadodara BRC: 1718, Ajmer AII: 0430 (Sat), arrives JP: 0635 (Sat)
  • 22696 will run from Jaipur JP on all Saturdays to arrive at Bangalore Yeshwantpur YPR on all Mondays. Timetable: JP departure: 2215 (Sat), Ajmer AII: 0025 (Sun), Vadodara BRC: 1135, Pune PUNE: 2110, Gulbarga GR: 0357 (Mon), arrives YPR: 1755 (Mon).

Composition: 02 AC 2 tier, 04 AC 3 tier, 07 Sleeper Coaches, 01 Pantry Car, 02 EOGs (16 coaches LHB rake)

Route and Stoppages: Arsikere (Tech), Guntakal (Tech), Yadgir, Gulbarga, Solapur (Tech), Pune, Vasai Road (Tech), Vadodara, Ratlam (Tech), Chittaurgarh (Tech), Ajmer.

Type: Premium | Fare: Premium | Distance: 2451 km | Halts: 11 | Time: 1d 19h 5m | Avg: 54 kph

Train Review: The very first Premium train to start running as a regular service. After running many types of special trains between Bangalore and Jaipur over the years, SWR has finally settled on this train. Takes the long route via Arsikere and Bellary (with no stops) instead of the straight route via Dharmavaram thereby wasting 230 km and 4 hours for nothing. Has two stoppages at nearby stations of Yadgir and Gulbarga. Should’ve run on the Hubli-Gadag-Bagalkot-Solapur route like the Jaipur Garib Rath Special used to, but this is train seems to be a gift from the ex-Railway Minister to his home districts. Speed and timings are very average despite being a premium train. Only plus point of this train is that it has got a LHB rake.

22679/22680 Bangalore Yeshwantpur – Vaishno Devi Katra – Yeshwantpur Weekly Premium Express (SWR)

Date of Introduction: February 07 2015.

  • 22679 Premium SF train will run from Bangalore Yeshwantpur YPR to Shri Vaishno Devi Katra SVDK Jammu & Kashmir on Sundays. Timetable: YPR departure: 1130 (Sun), Bellary BAY: 1855, Secunderabad SC: 0410 (Mon), Nagpur NGP: 1340, Jhansi JHS: 0043 (Tue), New Delhi NDLS: 0750, SVDK arrival: 1945 (Tue).
  • 22680 Premium SF train will run from Shri Vaishno Devi Katra SVDK J&K to Bangalore Yeshwantpur YPR on Tuesdays. Timetable: SVDK departure: 0515 (Tue), New Delhi NDLS: 1655, Jhansi JHS: 2310, Nagpur NGP: 1050 (Wed), Secunderabad SC: 1935, Bellary BAY: 0600 (Thu), YPR arrival: 1500 (Thu).

Composition: 03 AC 2 tier, 05 AC 3 tier, 07 Sleeper Class Coaches, 02 EOGs (17 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Bellary, Guntakal (Tech), Secunderabad, Nagpur, Jhansi, New Delhi.

Type: Premium | Fare: Premium | Distance: 3242 | Halts: 6 | Time: 2d 8h 15m | Avg: 57 kph

Train Details and Review: The longest distance running Premium train and longest distance train to run from Bangalore. It is only the second regularly scheduled Premium train to start running. Adds another train from Bangalore to Hyderabad to Delhi and the third major express train to regularly run via the new Chitradurga line. Slow for a premium train because it runs 230 km extra spending around 4 hours more running through the roundabout ASK route through Karnataka instead of the direct line through Dharmavaram just for a stop at Bellary. Should hopefully get LHB coaches in the future. Does not stop at Bhopal at all. Timings are comfortable enough for pilgrims to visit the shrine and return in the same train.

NOTE: These are the Timetable changes for 2014-15. For New Timetable Changes for 2015-16 CLICK HERE

New Express Trains Announced for South Western Railway

16575/16576 Bangalore City – Mangalore Central – Bangalore Daily Intercity Express (SWR)

  • 16575 will run from Bangalore City SBC to Mangalore Central MAQ via Mysore, Hassan Everyday during day time. Timetable: Departs SBC: 0830, MYA: 1000, MYS: 1205, KRNR: 1240, HAS: 1440, SKLR: 1550, SBHR: 1830, MAJN: 2045, arrives MAQ: 2115.
  • 16576 will run from Mangalore Central MAQ to Bangalore City SBC via Hassan, Mysore Everyday during the day time. Timetable: Departs MAQ: 0630, MAJN: 0643, SBHR: 0850, SKLR: 1115, HAS: 1230, KRNR: 1420, MYS: 1615, MYA: 1655, arrives SBC: 1930.

Composition: AC Chair Car, 2S Sitting, General Unreserved, SLRs

Route and Stoppages: Kengeri, Mandya, Mysore, Krishnarajanagara, Holenarsipur, Hassan, Sakleshpur, Subrahmanya Road, Kabakaputtur, Bantwala, Mangalore Jn.

Type: Express | Fare: Express | Distance: 441 km | Halts: 11 | Time: 12:45/13:00 | Speed: 34.6/33.8

Train Verdict: Running at a blinding avg speed of 34 kph, this joke is possibly the slowest BG “Express” train on Indian Railways. Why do they even bother to run trains like this, that too even in the day time when the actual requirement is a night train? If you leave Bangalore in your car along with this train, you can reach Mangalore, turn around and reach back to Bangalore before this crawler even reaches Mangalore! These are the reasons why Indian Railways is in the pits. They should just admit that it is the bus lobby who dictates terms on how things are to be run here.

16579/16580 Bangalore Yeshwantpur – Shimoga Town – Yeshwantpur Biweekly Express (SWR)

16587/16588 Bangalore Yeshwantpur – Bikaner – Yeshwantpur Biweekly Express (SWR)

Will start running (crawling) from December 12 2014

  • 16587 express will run from Bangalore Yeshwantpur YPR on Sundays & Fridays to reach Bikaner BKN Rajasthan on Tuesdays and Sundays. Timetable: Departs YPR: 0500 (Sun, Fri), ASK: 0750, UBL: 1510, GDG: 1640, BGK: 1900, BJP: 2100, SUR: 2350, PUNE: 0505 (Mon, Sat), KYN: 0750, BSR: 0910, ST: 1220, BRC: 1420, ADI: 1630, PNU: 1922, ABR: 2027, RANI: 2201, MJ: 2310, JU: 0130 (Tue, Sun), MTD: 0348, arrives BKN: 0710 (Tue, Sun).
  • 16588 express will run from Bikaner BKN Rajasthan on Sundays and Tuesdays to reach Bangalore Yeshwantpur YPR on Wednesdays and Fridays. Timetable: Departs BKN: 2200 (Sun, Tue), MTD: 0105 (Mon, Wed), JU: 0300, MJ: 0510, FA: 0607, ABR: 0805, MSH: 1115, ADI: 1400, BRC: 1635, ST: 1835, BSR: 2145, KYN: 2245, PUNE: 0235 (Tue, Thu), SUR: 0845, BJP: 1130, BGK: 1332, GDG: 1550, UBL: 1820, ASK: 0007 (Wed, Fri), arrives YPR: 0315 (Wed, Fri).

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 02 AC 3 tier, 07 Sleeper Coaches, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (18 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Tumkur, Arsikere, Davangere, Hubli, Gadag, Bagalkot, Bijapur, Solapur, Pune, Lonavla, Kalyan, Vasai Road, Boisar, Vapi, Surat, Ankleshwar, Vadodara, Anand, Nadiad, Ahmedabad, Mahesana, Palanpur, Abu Road, Falna, Rani, Marwar, Pali Marwar, Luni, Jodhpur, Merta Road.

Type: Express | Fare: Express | Distance: 2451 | Halts: 30 | Time: 02d02h10m/02d05h15m | Speed: 48/46

Review: Another one of those weekly crawlers taking two days to ‘run’ between South Indian cities and random towns in Rajasthan. Takes a whopping 10 hours to crawl from YPR to Hubli and an entire day (24 hours) between Bangalore and Pune (at 43 kph) which makes no sense at all since it does not have many stops. With all its general coaches it looks like it is mostly aimed at unreserved passengers (migrant labor) who don’t really care about things like speed and service. Why don’t they just run a couple or three daily superfasts between Bangalore and various cities in Rajasthan/Gujarat covering all those places they are running complicated weeklies to?

16229/16230 Mysore – Varanasi – Mysore Biweekly Express (SWR)

Will start running from December 25 2014

  • 16229 Varanasi Express will run from Mysore MYS to Varanasi BSB on all Tuesdays, Thursdays. Timetable: Departs MYS: 0720 (Tu, Th), SBC: 1000, ASK: 1315, BAY: 1800, RC: 2115, WADI: 0020 (W, Fr), SUR: 0310, DD: 0635, MMR: 1235, BSL: 1520, ET: 2130, JBP: 0130 (Th, Sa), STA: 0415, arrives BSB: 1150 (Th, Sa).
  • 16230 Mysore Express will run from Varanasi BSB to Mysore MYS on all Thursdays, Saturdays. Timetable: Departs BSB: 2105 (Th, Sa), COI: 0032 (F, Su), STA: 0320, JBP: 0610, ET: 1000, BSL: 1530, KPG: 1950, DD: 0050 (Sa, M), GR: 0730, GTL: 1210, BAY: 1417, ASK: 2050, SBC: 0015 (Su, Tu), arrives MYS: 0300 (Su, Tu).

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 01 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleeper Coaches, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (16 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Mandya, Kengeri, Bangalore City, Yeshwantpur, Tumkur, Arsikere, Kadur, Bellary, Guntakal, Adoni, Mantralayam Road, Raichur, Krishna, Yadgir, Wadi, Gulbarga, Solapur, Daund, Ahmednagar, Kopargaon, Manmad, Bhusaval, Khandwa, Itarsi, Pipariya, Narsinghpur, Jabalpur, Katni, Maihar, Satna, Chheoki, Mirzapur.

Type: Express | Fare: Express | Distance: 2705 km | Halts: 32 | Time: 2d04h30m/2d05h55m | Speed: 51/50

Train Review: A much needed route, yes, but the route of this “Zigzag Express” seems to be designed to connect as many places en route as possible on the same schedule, making it useless for people from Mysore and Bangalore actually. It takes almost an entire day to travel within Karnataka itself, 6 hours between Mysore and Arsikere via Bangalore which can actually be covered in just 3 hours on the direct line via Hassan. The entire route is weirdly zigzag as it goes left-right-left-across the country taking the longest route possible. And the composition also marks run-off-the-mill. However, it is thankfully fast (relatively) for its route. It would’ve been better if it ran MYS-HAS-ASK-BAY on one day and MYS-SBC-DMM-GTL on the other.

17321/17322 Hubli – Mumbai LTT – Hubli Weekly Express (SWR)

  • 17321 runs from Hubli UBL to Mumbai Kurla Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT via Bijapur, Solapur, Pune, Panvel on all Saturdays from November 08 2014.
    Route, Stoppages and Timetable: Departs Hubli UBL: 2230 (Sat), Gadag GDG: 2340, Badami BDM: 0100 (Sun), Bagalkot BGK: 0125, Almatti LMT: 0210, Bijapur BJP: 0350, Solapur SUR: 0650, Daund DD: 1005, Pune PUNE: 1200, Panvel PNVL: 1525, Thane TNA: 1620, arrives Mumbai LTT: 1655 (Sun).
  • 17322 runs from Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT to Hubli UBL via Panvel, Pune, Solapur, Bijapur on all Sundays from November 09 2014.
    Route, Stoppages and Timetable: Departs Mumbai LTT: 2115 (Sun), Thane TNA: 2140, Panvel PNVL: 2225, Pune PUNE: 0200 (Mon), Daund DD: 0328, Solapur SUR: 0845, Bijapur BJP: 1130, Almatti LMT: 1250, Bagalkot BGK: 1332, Badami BDM: 1357, Gadag GDG: 1550, arrives Hubli UBL: 1735 (Mon).

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 01 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleeper Coaches, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (16 coaches)

Type: Express | Fare: Express | Distance: 791 | Halts: 10 | Time: 18:25/20:20 | Speed: 42/38

Verdict: Another of SWR Hubli Division’s useless weeklies. Too slow (38 kph average!) and takes too long, 20 hours between Hubli and Mumbai whereas buses take hardly 10 hours. 17321 will be good for overnight travel from UBL to SUR while 17322 is completely useless. In fact, it is one of the slowest “express” trains on Indian Railways. Will be a super flop.

NOTE: These are the Timetable changes for 2014-15. For New Timetable Changes for 2015-16 CLICK HERE

New Passenger Trains to be Operated by South Western Railway

56925/56926 Bangalore City – Tumkur – Bangalore Daily Fast Passenger (SWR)

  • 56925 runs from Bangalore City SBC to Tumkur TK on all days with effect from November 01 2014.
    Route, Stoppages and Timetable: Departs Bangalore City SBC: 0530, Yeshwantpur YPR: 0540, Chikbanawara BAW: 0550, Dodbele DBL: 0605, Kyatsandra KIAT: 0630, arrives Tumkur TK: 0650.
  • 56926 runs from Tumkur TK to Bangalore City SBC on all days with effect from November 01 2014.
    Route, Stoppages and Timetable: Departs Tumkur TK: 0815, Kyatsandra KIAT: 0825, Dodbele DBL: 0850, Chikbanawara: 0910, Yeshwantpur YPR: 0920, arrives Bangalore City SBC: 0950.

Composition: 03 Sleeper Coaches, 04 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (09 coaches).

Type: Passenger | Fare: Ordinary | Distance: 70 | Halts: 4 | Time: 01:20/01:35 | Speed: 52/44

Regularization of “Express” Special that had been running for two years now.

56282/56281 Bangalore City – Chamarajanagar – Bangalore Daily Passenger (SWR)

  • 56282 runs from Bangalore City SBC to Chamarajanagar CMNR via Mysore on all days wef Nov 01 2014. Abstract Timetable: Departs SBC: 1530, KGI: 1555, BID: 1612, RMGM: 1627, CPT: 1637, MAD: 1658, MYA: 1720, MYS: 1845, NTW: 1930, arrives CMNR: 2030.
  • 56281 runs from Chamarajanagar CMNR to Bangalore City SBC via Mysore on all days wef Nov 01 2014. Abstract Timetable: Departs CMNR: 0655, NTW: 0740, MYS: 0845, MYA: 0943, MAD: 1005, CPT: 1023, RMGM: 1035, BID: 1055, KGI: 1115, arrives SBC: 1200.

Composition: 09 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (11 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Krishnadevaraya H, Nayandahalli, Jnanabharati H, Kengeri, Hejjala, Bidadi, Ketohalli, Ramanagaram, Channapatna, Settihalli, Nidaghatta, Maddur, Hanakere, Mandya, Yeliyur, Byadarahalli, Chandagirikoppal, Pandavapura, Srirangapattana, Naganahalli, Mysore Jn., Chamarajapuram, Ashokapuram, Kadakola, Tandavapura, Sujatapuram H, Nanjangud Town, Chinnadagundi Hundi, Narasambudhi, Kavalande, Konanur, Badanaguppe.

Type: Passenger | Fare: Ordinary | Distance: 198 | Halts: 31 | Time: 05:00 | Speed: 39 kph

56277/56278 Chikkamagalur – Bangalore Yeshwantpur – Chikkamagalur Daily Fast Passenger (SWR)

79523/76524 Bangalore Yeshwantpur – Nelamangala – Yeshwantpur Daily DEMU (SWR)

76523/76524 Bangalore Yeshwantpur – Hosur – Yeshwantpur Daily DEMU (SWR)

56921/56922 Hubli – Belgaum – Hubli Daily Fast Passenger (SWR)

56923/56924 Dharwad – Dandeli – Dharwad Daily Passenger (SWR)

66535/66536, 66537/66538, 66539/66540 Bangalore City – Ramanagara – Bangalore City 6 Days a Week MEMU (SWR)

NOTE: These are the Timetable changes for 2014-15. For New Timetable Changes for 2015-16 CLICK HERE

Change in Timings of Existing Trains in SWR Territory

Note: Timing changes will come into effect for the first run of the train on or after September 01 2014. “A” signifies the destination station of the train. Solapur SUR comes under Central Railway.

16535/16536 Mysore – Solapur – Mysore Gol Gumbaz Express (SWR)

  • 16535 Gol Gumbaz Express will leave Mysore MYS at 1530 (no change), arrive/depart Bangalore City SBC at 1825 (1840) / 1845 (1850), depart Hotgi HG at 1215 (1307) next day and will arrive at Solapur SUR at 1240 instead of 1330. There are some minor changes in timings at other stations.
  • 16536 Gol Gumbaz Express will leave Solapur SUR at 1410 instead of 1440, Hotgi Jn HG at 1437 (1507), depart Hubli Jn UBL at 2300 (2320), Haveri HVR: 0005 (0030), Ranebennur RBR at 0035 (0100), Harihar HRR: 0105 (0140), Davangere DVG: 0125 (0200), Chikjajur JRU: 0220 (0245), Birur RRB: 0325 (0350), Arsikere ASK: 0425 (0440). Arrives Mysore MYS at 1105 instead of 1115. No change in timings at stations between ASK and MYS, including SBC!

Bangalore – Mysore – Nanjangud – Chamarajanagar Sector:

56201 Chamarajanagar – Mysore Passenger (SWR)

56201 will leave from Chamarajanagar CMNR at 2045 instead of 0710, Nanjangud NTW at 2130 instead of 0800, arrives Mysore MYS at 2225 instead of 0900. It is now an evening passenger instead of a morning service.

Other Trains whose Timings Have been Changed:

[ws_table id=”4″]

Bangalore – Hubli – Belgaum / Gadag – Guntakal Sectors:

56909 Bangalore City – Hospet – Bangalore City Passenger (SWR)

  • 56909 passenger will depart from Bangalore City SBC at 2215 instead of 2330. Departs TK: 2345, ASK: 0200, Chikjajur JRU: 0500, DVG: 0630, HVR: 0810, arrives Hubli UBL at 1015 (instead of 1040); 56909 Hospet Slip will depart Rayadurga RDG at 0800, Bellary BAY at 0940, arrives Hospet HPT at 1140. (instead of 1230).
  • 56910 Passenger will depart from Hospet HPT at 1330, Bellary BAY at 1600 (instead of 1540), RDG at 1835 (instead of 1800), arrives SBC at 0515.

56529/56530 Harihara – Kotturu – Harihara Passenger (SWR)

The Harihar (SBC-UBL mainline) – Hospet (UBL-GTL mainline) line runs through the deep interiors of central Karnataka and is used primarily for fright movement, enabling trains to save 137 km by not having to go through Hubli on the way to Mangalore port. Passenger trains are allowed only for a distance of 65 km on this route from Harihar to Kottur. This is serviced by a lone passenger train which has now been speeded up substantially by upto two hours

  • 56529 passenger will now depart Harihar HRR at 0840 instead of 0830, arriving at Kotturu KTY at 1100 instead of 1210 everyday.
  • 56530 passenger will now depart Kottur KTY at 1210 instead of 1245, depart Bennehalli BEHI at 1235 (1330), Harappanahalli HPHI at 1305 (1450), Teligi at 1335 (1455), Amaravati Colony 1415 (1615) and arrives Harihar HRR at 1430 instead of 1630 everyday.

NOTE: These are the Timetable changes for 2014-15. For New Timetable Changes for 2015-16 CLICK HERE

SCR has slowed down the Secunderabad Garib Rath drastically to make it a sureshot disaster

[ws_table id=”10″]

From January 21/22 the 12735 SC-YPR Garib Rath will take a whopping 16 hours to run between Hyderabad and Bangalore, arriving at 1140 which is useless for anyone. 12736 returns at 1430 to arrive SC at 0400, which is 14 hours and as useless and inconvenient for anyone! This train was very popular among techies and people for a fast overnight connection between the two IT cities which has not been ruined! Their excuse is that the Yeshwantpur-Bidar express being made daily occupies its slot and all that. But in the end, it shows that the railways is not really interested in improving services or minding passenger convenience but only in meeting its own bureaucratic ends. Oh and bit of pressure from powerful bus lobbies might have helped. Anyway, pathetic. Things will never change in this country.

Other Trains whose Timings Have been Changed:

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Gadag – Bagalkot – Solapur Sector

[ws_table id=”9″]

Bangalore – KR Puram – Bangarapet – Jolarpettai Sector:

16526 Bangalore City – Kanniyakumari Island Express (SWR)

The 16526 Island Express, definitely one of the most overcrowded of SWR is changing its timings which have been in force for a decade now, advancing departure from Bangalore City SBC to 2000 from 2140 everyday.

New Timetable: departs Bangalore Cantt. BNC: 2012 (2155), KR Puram KJM: 2024 (2210), Whitefield WFD: 2036 (2223), Malur MLO: 2054 (2243), Bangarapet BWT: 2125 (2310), Kuppam KPN: 2200 (2435), Tirupathur TPT: 2300 (0050), SA: 0030 (0230), CBE: 0315 (0530), PGT: 0435 (0650), TCR: 0555 (0817), ERN: 0735 (1030), KTYM: 0900 (1130), QLN: 1105 (1340), TVC: 1250 (1545), NCJ: 1435 (1742), CAPE arrival: 1515 (1810).

This timing change has been effected to facilitate rake sharing of this train with the 12633/12634 Chennai Egmore – Kanyakumari – Chennai Kumari Express and has become a boon for passengers in return as it has been speeded up by 70 min with some fantastic timings! In addition to this, 12 stoppages of this train have been removed from Oct 01 2014. More here.

56262 Bangalore City – Arakkonam Passenger (SWR)

They just added 35 min to the timetable to facilitate a long 20 minute halt at Jolarpettai.

New Timings: 56562 passenger will leave from Bangalore City SBC at 0920 (0845), KJM: 0948 (0913), BWT: 1105 (1050), KPN: 1210 (1133), JTJ: 1400 (1235), KPD: 1605, arrives AJJ: 1800 (1745).

Other Trains whose Timings Have been Altered:

[ws_table id=”6″]

Bangalore – Yelahanka – Anantpur – Guntakal Sector

16591/16592 Hubli – Mysore – Hubli Hampi Express (SWR)

  • Diverted to run via Guntakal – Venkatampalli – Kalluru – Anantapur bypassing Gooty.
  • 16591 Hampi Express will leave from Hubli UBL at 1820 (1800), HPT 2105 (2045), BAY: 2245 (2220), GTL: 2335 (2315), SBC: 0640, arrives MYS 0920 (0940).
  • 16592 Hampi Express will leave from Mysore MYS at 1840 (1815), SBC: 2200, GTL: 0450 (0505), BAY: 0605 (0630), HPT: 0715 (0745), arrives UBL: 1040 (1100).
  • Timings Change with effect from October 19 2014. Stoppage at Gooty deleted.

11302 Bangalore City – Mumbai CST Udyan Express (CR)

11302 is speeded up by 30 minutes and will now depart from SBC at 2030 instead of 2000. Departs BNC at 2042 (2012), YNK 2120 (2040), DBU 2140 (2110), GBD 2215 (2150), HUP: 2230 (2235) >> same as old TT. This is the only timetable change on this “premier” sector of SWR.

Bangalore/Mysore/Mangalore – Hassan – Arsikere – Shimoga – Talguppa Sector

56216/56215  Mysore – Shravanabelagola – Mysore Passenger (SWR)

  • 56216 will leave from Mysore MYS at 1105 (instead of 1135) to depart Hassan HAS at 1345 (1430) to arrive at Sharavanabelagola SBGA at 1455 (instead of 1540).
  • 56215 will leave from Shravanabelagola SBGA at 1520 (instead of 1615) to depart Hassan HAS at 1620 (1730) to arrive at Mysore MYS at 1925 (instead of 2040).

[ws_table id=”8″]

NOTE: These are the Timetable changes for 2014-15. For New Timetable Changes for 2015-16 CLICK HERE

Increase in Frequency of Trains to be Run as Daily Services

16571/16572 Bangalore Yeshwantpur- Bidar – Yeshwantpur Weekly Express (SWR)

Will run daily from January 21/22 2015.

  • 16751 Bidar Express will depart from Yeshwantpur YPR everyday at 1915, YNK: 1935, DMM: 2237, GTL: 0030, RC: 0220, YG: 0332, CT: 0518, SEM: 0535, TDU: 0623, VKB: 0732, arrives BIDR: 0930 daily.
  • 16752 Yeshwantpur Express will depart from Bidar BIDR everyday at 1810, VKB: 2005, TDU: 2123, SEM: 2145, CT: 2205, YG: 2302, RC: 0010, GTL: 0220, HUP: 0535, YNK: 0655, arrives YPR: 0740 daily.

Composition: 01 AC First Class cum AC 3 tier, 01 AC 2 tier, 01 AC 3 tier, 05 Sleeper Class, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (16 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Yelahanka, Gauribidanur, Hindupur, Dharmavaram, Guntakal, Mantralayam Road, Raichur, Saidapur, Yadgir, Nalwar, Chittapur, Malkhaid Road, Sedam, Tandur, Vikarabad, Zahirabad.

17317/17318 Hubli – Mumbai Kurla LTT – Hubli (Weekly) Express (SWR)

  • 17317 Mumbai LTT Express will run as a daily from December 14 2014 departing Hubli UBL everyday at 1545, DWR: 1610, LD: 1730, BGM: 1835, MRJ: 2120, STR: 2345, PUNE: 0255, arrives LTT: 0700.
  • 17318 Hubli Express will run as a daily from December 15 2014 departing Mumbai LTT everyday at 0905, PUNE: 1300, STR: 1643, MRJ: 2010, BGM: 2300, LD: 0010, DWR: 0155, arrives UBL: 0300.

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 01 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleeper Coaches, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLRDs (16 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Dharwad, Alnavar, Londa, Belgaum, Ghatprabha, Kudachi, Miraj, Sangli, Karad, Satara, Pune, Lonavala.

Train Review: Takes too long and is too slow at 15 hours. Hubli – Mumbai Volvo buses take only 10 hours. 17318 is a disaster taking 17 hours. leaving Mumbai in the morning and reaching Hubli very early the next morning. Will be a flop unless timings are changed for 17318 and it is speeded up both ways. What a waste for a daily train which would otherwise have ran full! SWR UBL division trains all suffer from the same problem.

17319/17320 Hubli – Secunderabad – Hubli (Triweekly) Express (SWR)

  • 17319 Secunderabad Express will run as a daily from December 14 2104 departing Hubli UBL everyday at 2050, GDG: 2210, BGK: 2355, BJP: 0210, GR: 0715, WADI: 0810, VKB: 1006, arrives SC: 1145.
  • 17320 Hubli Express will run as a daily from December 15 2104 departing Secunderabad SC everyday at 1600, SEM: 1825, WADI: 1940, GR: 2020, BJP: 0110, BGK: 0310, GDG: 0600, arrives UBL: 0730.

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 01 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleeper Coaches, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLRDs (16 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Annigeri, Gadag, Hole Alur, Badami, Bagalkot, Almatti, Bagewadi Road, Bijapur, Indi Road, Hotgi, Gangapur Road, Gulbarga, Shahabad, Wadi, Chittapur, Sedam, Tandur, Vikarabad, Lingampalli, Begumpet.

Train Review: Has to be speeded up both ways. Arrives at odd hours at intermediate stations in Karnataka which might take away the usefulness of this train. Timings also have to be changed ensuring early arrival and late departure at SC.

NOTE: These are the Timetable changes for 2014-15. For New Timetable Changes for 2015-16 CLICK HERE


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9 years ago

Pl start ypr bikaner 16587/16588 via bgk bjp sur one week two time

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