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New Trains to Singrauli

Singrauli SGRL is a town in Madhya Pradesh with a railway station on the Katni-Garhwa Road line managed by the Dhanbad Division of the East Central Railway (ECR). The station had been recently developed as a terminal. Now, two trains have recently been announced to start from the station. These trains started running on August 15, 2017.

22165/22166 Singrauli – Bhopal – Singrauli Biweekly Superfast Express (WCR)

Type: Express | Fare: Superfast | 660 km | 9 halts | 11h 45m | Speed: 56 kph

  • 22166 Bhopal SF Express from Singrauli SGRL to Bhopal BPL will run on all Tuesdays and Thursdays. Timetable: Departs: SGRL: 2025 (Tu, Th), BRGW: 2050, BEHR: 2242, KHBJ: 2338, KMZ: 0135 (W, F), DMO: 0302, SGO: 0410, BINA: 0610, BAQ: 0647, BHS: 0717, arrives BPL: 0820 (W, F).
  • 22165 Singrauli SF Express from Bhopal BPL to Singrauli SGRL will run on all Wednesdays and Saturdays. Timetable: Departs BPL: 2100 (W, Sa), BHS: 2142, BAQ: 2209, BINA: 2305, SGO: 0010 (Th, Su), DMO: 0115, KMZ: 0315, KHBJ: 0426, BEHR: 0522, BRGW: 0810, arrives SGRL: 0845 (Th, Su).

Route and Stoppages: Vidisha, Ganj Basoda, Bina, Sagour, Damoh, Katni Murwara, Khanna Banjari, Beohari, Bargawan.

22167/22168 Singrauli – Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin – Singrauli Weekly Superfast Express (WCR)

Type: Express | Fare: Superfast | 1073 km | 9 halts | 18h 20m | Speed: 59 kph

  • 22167 NZM SF express from Singrauli SGRL to Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin NZM will run on all Saturdays. Timetable: Departs SGRL: 1000, BRGW: 1023, BEHR: 1218, KHBJ: 1314, KMZ: 1500, DMO: 1625, SGO: 1730, JHS: 2105, AGC: 0345 (Sun), FDB: 0332, arrives NZM: 0420.
  • 22168 SGRL SF express from Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin NZM to Singrauli SGRL will run on all Tuesdays. Timetable: Departs NZM: 0005 (Tue), FDB: 0027, AGC: 0300, JHS: 0625, SGO: 0938, DMO: 1042, KMZ: 1255, KHBJ: 1406, BEHR: 1502, BRGW: 1820, arrives SGRL: 1850 (Tue).

Composition: 01 AC First Class, 01 AC 2 tier, 01 AC 3 tier, 08 Sleeper Class, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (19 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Beohari, Khanna Banjari, Katni Murwara, Damoh, Sagour, Jhansi, Agra Cantonment, Faridabad.

Singrauli lies in the coal belt that spans most of central and east-central India and is becoming famous as home to a number of coal-fired power plants, aimed at generating thousands of Megawatts of electricity. It has also a lot of other specialties when looked from a geographical point of view. It is the easternmost town of Madhya Pradesh and the westernmost station of East Central Railway, the zonal interchange point between East Central Railway and West Central Railway happens immediately west after Singrauli towards Katni. In this way, it is the only station in Madhya Pradesh to be under ECR! Even though it is under ECR, both trains started from here are operated by WCR. The Katni-Garhwa Road line was until recently not given much importance, but now with all the industrial activity is being doubled and electrified, and the development of SGRL as a terminus must be part of this. There could be many more trains starting on this route soon, which until now had only five expresses and some passenger trains passing through. Other important trains that pass through Singrauli are Shaktpunj Express, Triveni Express and Saare Jahan Se Achcha Express.

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6 years ago

22167: 6 hr 40 min to cover 200 km something between Jhansi and Agra!!

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