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Summer Specials 2014 NR Part 2 - From Punjab/J&K to Delhi/UP/MP | 24 Coaches

Summer Specials 2014 NR Part 2 – From Punjab/J&K to Delhi/UP/MP

Northern Railway announces the largest number of special trains to be run during any season every year. This post features the second part listing of all summer holiday special trains run by NR across North India in the summer holiday months of April, May and June 2014. Lists all trains starting from Delhi and traveling north to Punjab and Jammu Kashmir, as well as those originating from up North and going to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh via Delhi and by passing Delhi. This includes two dynamic-priced Premium trains, one of which is run by SECR. Click on the train number to view detailed timetable, berth availability etc.

Click here to view the first part, the list of all direct trains run by Northern Railway between Delhi and UP or Bihar and also within the local sectors of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Summer Special Trains from Delhi to the North (Jammu & Kashmir)

02445/02446 New Delhi – Jammu Tawi – New Delhi Triweekly Premium Superfast Summer Special (NR)

  • 02445 Premium Special will leave from New Delhi to NDLS to Jammu Tawi JAT at 2150 on all Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays in May and June and on April 18, 20, 22, 25, 27, 29 2014. Timings: Arrives JAT at 0650 (We, Sa, Mo).
  • 02446 Premium Special will leave from Jammu Tawi JAT to New Delhi NDLS at 2035 on all Wednesdays, Saturdays, Mondays in May, June and on April 19, 21, 23, 26, 28 and 30 2014. Timings: Arrives NDLS at 0535 (Th, Su, Tu).

Composition: 02 AC 2 tier, 04 AC 3 tier, 09 Sleeper Class Coaches, 02 SLRs.

Route and Stoppages: Nonstop; No commercial or technical halts.

04031/04032 Old Delhi Jn – Ambala Cantonment – Old Delhi Jn Daily Summer Special (NR)

  • 04031 Holiday special will leave from Old Delhi Jn DLI to Ambala Cantonment UMB at 0610 everyday in April, May and June 2014. Timings: ANDI: 0637, SNP: 0719, PNP: 0827, KKDE: 0954, arrives UMB at 1050.
  • 04032 Holiday special will leave from Ambala Cantonment UMB to Old Delhi Jn DLI at 1630 everyday in April, May and June 2014. Timings: KKDE: 1717, PNP: 1820, SNP: 1911, ANDI: 2018, arrives DLI at 2100.

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier , 01 AC 3 tier, 09 Sleeper Coaches, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (19 coaches)/

Route and Stoppages: Delhi Subzi Mandi, Delhi Adarsh Nagar, Narela, Sonepat, Ganaur, Samalkha, Panipat, Karnal , Kurukshetra, Shahabad Markanda.

04051/04052 Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus – Jammu Tawi – Delhi Anand Vihar Pentaweekly Summer Special (NR)

  • 04051 summer special train will leave from Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus ANVT to Jammu Tawi JAT at 2125 on all Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays in April, May, June 2014. Timings: GZB: 2158, MTC: 2241, SRE: 0050, UMB: 0240, LDH: 0605, arrives JAT at 1045.
  • 04052 summer special train will leave from Jammu Tawi JAT to Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus ANVT at 1740 on all Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays and Mondays in April, May and June 2014. Timings: LDH: 2245, UMB: 0050, SRE: 0245, MTC: 0420, GZB: 0515, arrives ANVT at 0545.

Composition: 09 Sleeper Coaches, 04 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs. (15 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Ghaziabad, Meerut City, Muzzafarnagar, Saharanpur, Ambala Cantonment, Ludhiana, Jallandhar Cantonment, Pathankot Cantonment.

Special Trains from J&K/Punjab to UP/MP passing though Delhi

02451/02452 Kanpur Central – Jammu Tawi – Kanpur Weekly Premium Superfast Special (NR)

  • 02451 SF Premium Special leaves from Kanpur Central CNB to Jammu Tawi JAT via Delhi at 2020 on all Tuesdays in April and on May 01 2014. Timings: TDL: 2302, DLI: 0235 (Wed), LDH: 0845, arrives JAT 1340 (Wed).
  • 02452 SF Premium Special leaves from Jammu Tawi JAT to Kanpur Central CNB at 1650 via Delhi on all Fridays in April and on May 02 2014. Timings: LDH: 2225, DLI: 0335 (Sat), ALJN: 0537, arrives CNB 0940 (Sat).

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 02 AC 3 tier, 09 Sleeper Coaches, 02 SLRs.

Route and Stoppages: Etawah, Tundla, Aligarh, Old Delhi Jn., Ludhiana.

09307/09308 Indore – Jammu Tawi – Indore Weekly Superfast Summer Special (WR)

  • 09307 Summer Special will leave from Indore Jn INDB to Jammu Tawi JAT via Delhi at 2035 on all Mondays in April, May and June 2014. Timings: UJN: 2205, KOTA: 0245 (Tue), GGC: 0454, MTJ: 0815, DSJ: 1150, UMB: 1500, LDH: 1640, arrives JAT at 2110 (Tue).
  • 09308 Summer Special will leave from Jammu Tawi JAT to Indore INDB via Delhi at 2325 on all Tuesdays in April, May, June and July 01 2014. Timings: LDH: 0405 (Wed), DSJ: 1040, MTJ: 1340, SWM: 1627, KOTA: 1800, UJN: 2310, arrives INDB at 0055 (Thu).

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 02 AC 3 tier, 12 Sleeper Coaches, 04 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (21 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Dewas, Ujjain, Nagda, Kota, Sawai Madhopur, Gangapur City, Hindaun City, Bharatpur, Mathura, Delhi Safdarjung, Ambala Cantonment, Ludhiana, Jalandhar Cantonment, Pathankot Cantonment.

08797/08798 Durg – Ambala Cantonment – Durg Biweekly Premium Summer Special (SECR)

  • 08797 Premium SF Special will leave from Durg DURG Chhattisgarh to Ambala Cantonment UMB via Delhi at 1125 on all Sundays, Wednesdays in May, June and on April 20, 23, 27, 30 2014. Timings: R: 1205, USL: 1405, APR: 1625, AGC: 0425, NDLS: 0750, arrives UMB at 1050 (Mon, Thu).
  • 08798 Premium SF Special will leave from Ambala Cantonment UMB to Durg DURGvia Delhi at 1520 on all Mondays, Thursdays in May, June and on April 21, 24, 28 2014. Timings: NDLS: 1905, AGC: 2237, APR: 1020 (Tue, Fri), USL: 1245, R: 1510, arrives DURG: 1550 (Tue, Fri)

Composition: 01 AC First Class cum AC 2 tier, 03 AC 2 tier, 04 AC 3 tier, 08 Sleeper Coaches, 02 SLRs (18 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Raipur, Uslapur, Anuppur, Agra Cantonment, New Delhi.

Summer Special Trains from the Punjab to UP/Bihar bypassing Delhi

04504/04503 Chandigarh – Varanasi – Chandigarh Weekly Express Summer Special (NR)

  • 04504 summer special train will leave from Chandigarh CDG to Varanasi BSB at 2315 on all Thursdays in April, May and June 2014. Timings: UMB: 0010 (Fri), SRE: 0155, MB: 0540, LKO 1130, arrives BSB at 1730 (Fri).
  • 04503 summer special train will leave from Varanasi BSB to Chandigarh CDG at 2110 on all Fridays in April, May and June 2014. Timings: LKO: 0245 (Sat), MB: 0915, SRE: 1205, UMB: 1330, arrives CDG at 1430 (Sat).

Composition: 01 First AC, 01 AC 2 tier, 02 AC 3 tier, 08 Sleeper Coaches, 04 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (18 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Ambala Cantonment, Jagadhari, Saharanpur, Moradabad, Bareilly, Lucknow, Sultanpur.

04606/04605 Amritsar – Samastipur -Amritsar Weekly Unreserved Summer Special (NR)

  • 04606 Unreserved Special train will leave from Amritsar ASR Punjab to Samastipur SPJ Bihar at 1235 on all Sundays in April, May and June 2014. Timings: UMB: 1655, BE: 2300, GD: 0455 (Mon), GKP: 0815, CPR: 1213, arrives SPJ at 1625 (Mon).
  • 04605 Unreserved special will leave from Samastipur SPJ Bihar to Amritsar ASR Punjab at 2015 on all Mondays in April, May and June 2014. Timings: CPR: 2350, GKP: 0435 (Tue), GD: 0720, BE: 1440, UMB: 2210, arrives ASR at 0255 (Wed).

Composition: 14 General Second Unreserved, 02 SLRs (16 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Jallandhar City, Ludhiana, Sirhind, Rajpura, Ambala Cantonment, Saharanpur, Moradabad, Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, Sitapur Cantonment, Borhwal, Gonda, Manakpur, Basti, Khalilabad, Gorakhpur, Deori Sadar, Siwan, Chhapra, Sonpur, Hajipur, Muzaffarpur.

04502/04501 Nangal Dam-Lucknow-Nangaldam Weekly Superfast Summer Special (NR)

  • 04502 Superfast Special train will leave from Nangaldam NLDM to Lucknow LKO at 2345 on all Mondays in April, May and June 2014. Timings: CDG: 0220 (Tue), UMB: 0310, SRE: 0445, MB: 0755, BE: 0950, arrives LKO at 1410  (Tue).
  • 04501 Superfast Special train will leave from Lucknow LKO to Nangaldam NLDM at 1905 on all Tuesdays in April, May and June 2014. Timings: BE: 2312, MB: 0050 (Wed), SRE: 0350, UMB: 0515, CDG: 0615, arrives NLDM at 0900  (Wed).

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 01 AC 3 tier, 03 Sleeper Coaches, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLRDs (12 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Roop Nagar, Chandigarh, Ambala Cantt., Jagadhari, Saharanpur, Moradabad, Barielly, Hardoi.

Click here to view more Summer Special trains run by Northern Railways and others across North India.


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