Routes and Timetables of New Tejas, Uday, Humsafar and Antyodaya Trains

Hon. Railway Minister Shri Suresh P Prabhu had announced four more new types of trains for the Indian Railways in the last railway budget, These trains were to be run under the brand names of Tejas Express, Uday Express, Humsafar Express and Antyodaya Express, with the first three being “premium class” of trains, all fully air-conditioned and with premium charges. The Antyodaya express trains will have only second class unreserved accommodation with no extra charges. And now, the first of the routes for these trains have been announced and they have been included in the new Indian Railways Timetable of 2016-17. These trains will hence be the new trains announced for the year 2016-17 because the practice of announcing new trains during the railway budget has been discontinued. Kerala is the only state that does not get even one among any of these premium train services. South Western Railway (SWR) is the only major zone not running any of these new trains.

Details of these trains are given below. Click on the bar with the train name and number to know detailed timetable, days of operation and some information such as distance and time covered, the average speed of the train and so on, in addition to a short review of the train. Within this, click on the train number to know detailed timetable and other details about these new trains, and click on “Route and Stoppages” to view the route of the train on a map. Inauguration dates (when the trains will start running) for all these trains will be announced later. All timetables and stoppages given here are tentative and can change.

Tejas Express Trains

Tejas will be the truly “international” Indian train of today that will be able to match up to the benchmarks set by European rail operators. Tejas trains are day-time Intercity trains with fully Air-Conditioned accommodation only, just like the Shatabdi Express. But with the Tejas, IR intends to take the Shatabdi experience to the next level. First off, Tejas trains will feature their own, custom made and unique liveried LHB rakes whose biggest groundbreaking feature will be automatic doors! They will be faster than Shatabdis, certified to run at 160 kph max speed and guaranteed 130 kph runs on select routes (conditions apply) at average speeds exceeding 80 kph!


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The interiors of the coaches will be designed by the NID based on themes of nature and on the lines of plush, European train interiors. And of course, they will feature not just executive-style comforts like WiFi, local cuisine, onboard entertainment (individual seat-back in First AC), vending machine, personalized service and so on. The biggest feature will be, however, automatic doors, the absence of which is the biggest shortcoming of Indian Railways when it comes to rebuilding its image. You can clearly see the doors flush with the frame and without a door handle. The door will probably swing outwards just like the middle doors of Volvo city buses.

Three Tejas trains have been announced, details of which are given below, two of which will be the fastest on their routes. Advertised as “the future of Intercity train travel in India” aimed at people who wouldn’t mind paying the extra buck for speed, comfort, and luxury, Tejas trains will be the flagships and pride of the Indian Railways fleet and unlike anything India has seen on rails until now.

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Uday Express Trains

Uday Express trains are supposed to be high-capacity Air Conditioned Double Decker trains to be run on important routes that experience heavy loads. But we already do have AC DDs, and these trains don’t seem to be those but a different product because Uday trains seem to include both overnight and daytime services. More details of these trains, including their rakes and accommodation types are not available anywhere right now. Three Uday trains have been announced, details of which are given below.

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Humsafar Express Trains

Humsafar Express trains are high-speed long distance express trains with AC 3 tier accommodation only aimed at upper-middle-class people. No, they are not like Garib Rath trains because Garib Raths feature high capacity 3A coaches with 81 berths and side middle berths, while Humsafar trains will have the usual 3A LHB coaches. Humsafar Expresses will, however, have additional features like a posh LHB rake wrapped in a unique sky-blue vinyl wrap, GPS-based passenger information displays, coffee/tea/milk vending machines, bio-toilets throughout, more comfortable berths with curtains embossed with motifs and all, CCTV cameras, smoke detectors and optional meal service. And also, while Garib Raths have 30% less fare than normal trains, Humsafar expresses will have flexi-fares, where ticket prices will go up as seat availability decreases. Humsafar trains seem to be aimed at lengthy routes between some major cities with the intent of covering important intermediate destinations as well. They all have very aggressive schedules and seemingly high running speeds. Their rakes will be specially designed and painted in unique liveries, but will not be as posh as Tejas.

Humsafar trains seem to be aimed at lengthy routes between some major cities with the intent of covering important intermediate destinations as well. They all have very aggressive schedules and seemingly high running speeds. Their rakes will be specially designed and painted in unique liveries, but will not be as posh as Tejas. Ten routes have been announced for Humsafar Expresses, mostly intended to replace Suvidha special trains on their routes. Humsafar trains should’ve been introduced to cater to high-volume, 14-18 hour intercity journeys like Bangalore – Mumbai, Hyderabad – Bangalore, Chennai – Mumbai, Bangalore – Trivandrum, Hyderabad – Mumbai etc, which have people ready to pay, but instead will still be used to run epic cross-country routes from Sriganganagar to Tiruchchirappalli. Sad that IR still cannot get over this fixation of 63 hours cross-country train schedules.

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Antyodaya Express Trains

Antyodaya express trains will be fully unreserved long distance superfast trains aimed at the “common man”. They will consist of only unreserved General coaches and will be mainly aimed at migrant laborers and hence mostly originate from UP, Bihar, WB and the Northeast. Currently, these type of trains are called Jansadharan Expresses.

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More details about these trains will be updated here as and when they are available.

Information provided here is only indicative in nature. Please always confirm all information with official sources before relying on them. Contact your nearest railway station or call 139 or visit the official website of Indian Railways. This website is not an official website of the Indian Railways but is run by a railway enthusiast in no official capacity whatsoever. The official website of the railways is

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