New Timetable 2014: North Central Railway, West Central Railway

North Central Railway (NCR) and West Central Railway (WCR) are zones of the Indian Railways headquartered at Allahabad and Jabalpur respectively, new zones that came into existence in 2003. Both have relatively small operations of their own, being more of “controlling” zones handling the bulk of India’s train traffic. NCR consists of Kanpur, Jhansi and Agra while WCR has Jabalpur, Kota and Bhopal divisions. The zones handle UP, MP and parts of Rajasthan. Here are the new trains announced in the all-India timetable (trains at a glance) for the year 2014-15, operated by NCR and WCR.

Dates of start of operation of all trains will be announced later.

New Trains Operated by North Central Railway (NCR)

22443/22444 Kanpur – Mumbai Bandra Terminus – Kanpur Weekly Superfast Express (NCR)

  • 22443 will run from Kanpur CNB UP to Mumbai Bandra Terminus BDTS on all Wednesdays. Timetable: CNB departure: 1815, MTJ: 0130 (Thu), BHP: 0340, arrives BDTS at 2305 (Thu).
  • 22444 will run from Mumbai Bandra T BDTS to Kanpur CNB on all Fridays. Timetable: BDTS departure: 0510, BHP: 2330, MTJ: 0125 (Sat), arrives CNB at 0845 (Sat).

Composition: 02 AC 3 tier, 05 Sleeper Coaches, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLRDs (15 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Kanpur Anwarganj, Kannauj, Fatehgarh, Farrukhabad, Kasganj, Hathras City, Mathura Cantt., Mathura, Bharatpur, Sawai-Madhopur, Kota, Ramganj Mandi, Nagda, Ratlam, Godhra, Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat, Vapi, Mumbai Borivali.

14101/14102 Kanpur – Prayag – Kanpur Daily Intercity Express (NCR)

  • 14101 express will run from Kanpur CNB to Prayag PRG everyday. Timetable: CNB departure: 1000, PRG arrival: 1440.
  • 14102 express will run from Prayag PRG to Kanpur CNB everyday. Timetable: PRG departure: 1635, CNB arrival: 2150.

Composition: 08 General Second Class, 02 SLRDs (10 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Unnao, Bighapur, Raghurajsigh, Lalganj, Dalmau, Jalalpurdhai, Unchahar, Lalgopalganj.

14155/14156 Kanpur – Jammu Tawi – Kanpur Biweekly Express (NCR)

  • 14155 biweekly express will run from Kanpur CNB to Jammu Tawi JAT on all Tuesdays and Saturdays. Timetable: CNB departure: 1715, KRJ: 2235, arrives JAT at 1210 (Wed, Sun).
  • 14156 biweekly express will run from Jammu Tawi JAT to Kanpur CNB on all Wednesdays and Sundays. Timetable: JAT departure: 1735, KRJ: 0805 (Thu, Mon), arrives CNB at 1735 (Thu, Mon).

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 02 AC 3 tier, 07 Sleepers, 06 General Second Class, 02 SLRs (18 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Etawah, Tundla, Aligarh jn., Khurja, Bulandshahar, Hapur, Meerut City Jn., Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur, Ambala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar Cantt. , Pathankot Cantt.

New Trains Operated by West Cenral Railway WCR

19805/19806 Kota – Udhampur – Kota Weekly Express (WCR)

  • 19805 express will run from Kota KOTA Rajasthan to Udhampur UHP Jammu & Kashmir on all Wednesdays. Timetable: KOTA departure: 1430, MTJ: 2000, arrives UHP: 1210 (Thu).
  • 19806 express will run from Udhampur UHP Jammu & Kashmir to Kota KOTA Rajasthan on all Thursdays. Timetable: UHP departure: 1440 (Thu), MTJ: 0630 (Fri), arrives KOTA: 1115 (Fri).

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 02 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleeper Class Coaches, 02 General Second, 02 SLRDs (17 coaches)

Route and Stoppages: Indergarh Sumergarh Mandi, Sawai Madhopur, Gangapur City, Hindaun City, Bayana, Bharatpur, Mathura, TBA.

Extension of Service Routes of Existing Trains (NCR)

14125/14126 Allahabad – Faizabad – Allahabad Sarayu Express (NCR)

Extended 44 km up to Mankapur Jn MUR from Faizabad FD.


Information provided here is only indicative in nature and please always confirm all information with official sources before relying on them (Contact your nearest railway station or call 139 or visit the official website of Indian Railways). This website is not an official website of the Indian Railways but is run by a railway enthusiast. The official website of the railways is http://indianrailways.gov.in.

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